Monday, June 11, 2012

5th Annual Long Family Vacay

Every summer we head to Milford lake with my dads side of the family. This past weekend was the 5th year we have went and we hope to continue this for many more years. Since our family keeps growing, we had to rent 2 of the big cabins this year. These cabins are the luxury of all cabins. Huge kitchens, 2 living areas, 5+ bedrooms, 2+ baths, flat screens, cable TV, AWESOMENESS! We say we are going camping but this is the farthest thing from camping. Check out the website for more pictures of the cabins.

We got there early evening Friday and hung out on the patio of the "kids cabin" while dinner was on the grill. We had a pretty late dinner and then tucked the kids in bed and hung out on the patio some more. I finally called it a night around 11 and figured the others would be coming to bed shortly behind me. I continued to wake up every hour wondering when the fools were coming to bed. I finally had to download a white noise app to cover up their loudness. At 3:30, I finally went downstairs and told them to get their butts in bed. My how things have changed :) 


 Your welcome Amy :)

I was up at 7am to get ready for our 8am pontoon rental. I of course was the first one up and after peeking in my sisters room, saw Aiden was awake but being captive by his sleepy parents. I signaled him to come out with me and we hung out till 8 when we woke the house up. They weren't thrilled to be waking up after 4 hours of sleep but this momma hen was ready to get on the pontoon! After a quick breakfast, we finally made it to the hour late! The lake was pretty rough so we ended up finding a nice beach and just chilling there. We took the boat out for a little and let the kids take turns driving it. The pontoon had to be back by noon so we drove it in (after almost sinking in waves), had lunch and the majority of us took a nap with the kids. Then it was time for the beach again where we stayed until dinner time. 

We had another yummy dinner that night followed by smores and a game of Minute To Win It. Everyone called it an early night that night and got some much needed sleep. We slept in, ate breakfast and had to start packing up cars and cleaning the cabins. We had such a fun weekend and made so many fun memories. There were countless times I was trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard. We can't wait to take the little bambino next year!

My sister is special. Love how Elsie is looking at her like what the f?!

This sure is going to look different next year

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