Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sonogram says...

A healthy little GIRL!!! I will post sonogram pics when we get back from Manhattan but I wanted to get the news out for anyone who might not know.  The sonogram was AMAZING. I could have watched our little girl all day. I thought I saw boy parts right away but the technician zoomed in and pointed to the 3 lines and said "nope, definitely a girl!" And then the tears started coming. I was going to be thrilled either way but I have been dying to dress a little girl. She was moving her arms, legs and we even saw her moving her mouth which the technician said she was swallowing. All the body parts and organs looked great and she was measuring 19weeks and 2 days (I was exactly 19 weeks) so not a big enough difference to change due date. Baby GIRL Lorson will be here around Novembe 23. She does have a name but I am waiting a little longer to annouce. I want to order something to announce it :) I might have already ordered her some hair bows and am going to the mall here shortly. Bring on the pink and bows!!!! We can't wait to meet our baby girl!

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  1. SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! It's crazy how we ALL "knew" it was a girl :) A little sad that we dont get to bust out aiden's old clothes but SO thrilled to shop for a baby girl again!!
    Congratulations!! Cant' wait for the name announcement... i love love LOVE it!!! :)
    my little ?? bug ;)