Thursday, June 14, 2012

16 Weeks (6/8/12)

Phew! Barely got this one done before I turn 17 weeks tomorrow!
How far along? 16 weeks
Size of baby: 4.3-4.7 inches and 2.75 ounces. About the size of an avocado. I'd like to clarify that on the length of the baby, they measure from head to butt and don't include the legs. I think they start measuring with legs next week.
Weight gain: I'd say around 5 lbss. I feel like I have gained 20!
Maternity clothes: Still the bellaband with my jeans and occasionally a maternity shirt. I wore maternity jeans last night because my only pair of jeans that fit were getting washed. Let me tell you how comfy maternity jeans are. I am going to try and avoid them a little bit longer but man I was comfortable getting my hair done.
Stretch marks: Nope. Praise the lord. I'm sure their bound to happen though.
Sleep: Ahhh I love my boppy pillow. I don't know how I am going to survive this weekend in Vegas without it. I also wake up at 11 something and 3 something to pee every.single.night. I think my body is preparing me extra early for the baby.
Symptoms: Felt really great this week! No headaches and no cramping
Best moment this week: Wearing a tankini...not!!! Going to the lake with my family and thinking about how next year we will get to bring the baby!
Movement: Nope. They say any day now.
Food cravings: Cheeto puffs!!! I'm usually just a cheetos girl but this week I have been tearing up the puffs. I gotta stop buying them cause it's sickening how fast I can eat a bag.
Gender: 2 weeks from tomorrow!!!! We are both thinking boy but we shall soon find out. I'm just ready to buy this bambino some clothes!
What I miss: Sleeping on my back. I keep waking up on my back and quickly turning back to my side so I don't deprive the baby of oxygen! I tried putting a pillow behind me so I don't roll over but it doesn't help.
Milestones: Getting closer to the half way mark!

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  1. I always woke up on my back too. Even with the snoogle. I'd try and turn as soon as I noticed, but I did it pretty much every night.