Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things I’m Lovin

Happy Sunday everyone! We were busy this weekend fixing our water problem in our backyard, planting new grass (thanks dad for coming to help!), attending an adorable 2nd birthday party for a friend of mine’s little girl, church, mowing, grilling out, attending an Easter egg hunt, hanging with family and our kickball game! I might add that our kickball team is 3-0. 1 game may have been a forfeit but we’re pretty baller regardless. So yes, we had a very busy but fun weekend. Since I am HORRIBLE about taking pictures, here is a post on things I am lovin right now. I will try and start taking more pictures and have a new post soon.

My new Nike Lunar Forever Shoes. I’m usually boring and stick to white, black and grey tennis shoes so they match pretty much everything I wear but I ventured out this time and got hot pink ones. I am loving them for the Spring/Summer


Our new Honda Pilot! This baby drives so smooth and has SO much room. If your looking for a 3rd row SUV and don’t want to join the minivan club, get the pilot. We are so happy with it and I don’t think it’s huge like some of the other 3rd row SUV’s we looked at.


Ocedar Pro Mist Mop. I was getting sick of buying swiffer pads and swiffer solution so I gave this mop a try. LOVE it! You can make your own solution which is so much cheaper then the swiffer stuff AND the pad is washable! I love the microfiber pad. It’s really soft on our wood floors. Bonus? The mop was only like $15!


Lady Antebellum music. Well I always love their music but I have been listening to their CD’s even more to get ready for their concert on Friday! We got really good seats and I can’t wait!!!!


The Voice. This is our first season we have watched and we are hooked. I don’t  have a favorite singer because I think pretty much all of them rock. Can’t wait to see who wins. The judges crack me up too.



And last but not least, this list wouldn’t be complete without what foods I am loving! Here are 2 of my recent favorites

Sour Patch Kids Berries. I can’t go to the store and not buy these. They are just the perfect amount of sweet and sour. About to have some now…

sour patch

Philly cheese steak egg rolls. We tried these tonight and thought they were SO good. You can find the recipe here.  We’re gonna try them with a different filling the next time. This one was amazing but we got a few other ideas we want to try. Only thing I would add to the philly ones is sweet and sour sauce to dip them in. We didn’t’ have any but gonna try it the next time. They were also really easy. I used this philly steak which only takes 4 min in the microwave!

egg rollhormel

Have a great week!


  1. How did I miss this post and HOW did I miss that you got a new car!!!

    And don't you knock the minivan until you try it. 2 words: automatic doors.

  2. Not talking crap on minivans at all. I love them! I just think we would look silly having a van with no kids!