Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I forgot to include pictures of the positive pregnancy tests in the last post so I better do it before I forget!
One taken on March 13th and one on March 14th

My mom, grandma and grandpa surprised me with Easter baskets full of goodies for the bambino too. So sweet of them, I cried…duh.
This baby is going to be very loved and spoiled. Derek’s sister brought up 6 boxes of 0-3t boy and girl clothes this weekend. I am giving the toddler clothes to Amy and Amber until I am ready for those but I have loved going through the tiny baby clothes. Can’t wait till we find out if this baby will be wearing pink or blue!

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  1. Hang on to that turtle! It is one of Connor's faves! So happy for you! Being a mommy is the best and you are gonna be great at it!