Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Lorson Details

Warning-this is VERY long. I have known I was pregnant for 5.5 weeks so lots have happened already and I am doing this blog so I can one day print it and remember all these details

On March 13th, I had a strong urge to take a pregnancy test. I wasn’t feeling sick or anything and since I have been disappointed so many times with a “not pregnant” pregnancy test, I had been trying to wait until my period started to find out. We were going to Manhattan for St. Patrick's day that weekend and I wanted to tan that week so that was part of the reason I wanted to take a test.  Derek and I were making food to grill and I ran up to our bathroom to take one. I didn’t want him to know but he walked in while I was taking the test out of the box. So I did the test, go back downstairs to distract myself while I wait the 2 lloonnggg minutes and then went back and read the result. I was completely shocked! I was starting to think I would never read “pregnant” on those stupid sticks. I took it out to Derek and said “um babe, I think we are having a baby.” Those were my exact words. I was so excited/nervous/scared etc. I quickly showed him and started calling my family within 2 min. They have been on this long road with us and as much as I would have liked to tell them in a cool way, I was wwaayyy to excited and Amy knew I was supposed to start my period so she would be asking anyway. Derek called his parents and sister as well. Lots of screams and tears were shed that night.

I took another test the next day and sure enough, still pregnant.

That Friday, the 16th, I went to our fertility clinic for blood work to confirm. I was hoping for immediate results but they said they would call in a few hours. Later that afternoon, they called and said congratulations, your levels were at 351, you are definitely pregnant! They like to do a follow up blood work in 2 days to make sure my levels are rising but since that was a Sunday, we scheduled it for Monday.
That weekend we went to Manhattan for St. Patrick's Day. My immediate family already knew and I had to tell 2 of my friends because they knew something was up when I wasn’t drinking Smile I hung out all morning and early afternoon with my family in the Aggieville and then went to my dads to let the dogs out and rest a little bit. Not so much fun being in Aggieville all day when you can’t drink! I met them back out for dinner and then drug Derek home with me while the rest stayed out. It wasn’t too much longer that I got a phone call to come pick up my crazy siblings.  The start of my DDing (and I wouldn’t change it for the world).

Monday the 19th, I went back for my blood work. They said they would like to see my numbers double to know it’s a healthy pregnancy and not a tubal pregnancy. When she called later that day, my level was 1462! Wwwaayyy higher then what I had googled and learned about these numbers. In fact, someone on the internet had my exact numbers and was having triplets! The nurse said levels vary with everyone and it doesn’t always mean multiples, although sometimes it does. I was sure I had twins in there! Derek and I joked about there being twins or triplets in there until my sono on May 2 . I might have laughed about it and he might have been freaking out about it.

April 2 (6 weeks, 3 days) came and of course my appt was at 3:15 so we had to stare at the clock all day.  I was still going to my fertility doctor at this point because they like to keep you till 8 weeks and then send you to your ob. My blood pressure was good but the nurse said my pulse was high. Duh! I was about to have a nervous breakdown! We then had the sonogram done and I was ssooo relieved to see 1 baby, hear AND see the heartbeat! They warned us before the sono that it was early and we might not be able to see or hear the heartbeat yet. I was a little concerned because the hb was only 92 but the doctor said it could have just started beating that day so it might not be real strong yet or hard to pick up. The baby looked great, very small but great. He thought I was maybe right around 6 weeks giving me a due date of November 23, 2012 (black Friday)!

I met with my ob April 5th but only a couple tests were done. Nothing worth noting but wanted it in here for my records.

We scheduled another sono for April 18th (8 weeks, 5 days)so he could measure the baby again and hear heartbeat. Pulse was normal at this appt although I was still very nervous. Again, we saw 1 healthy baby and a very strong, high hb of 180! He said it was completely normal for the heart rate to increase that much and baby looked great with 2 hands and 2 feet. He said I was measuring at 9 weeks, give or take a few days.
So that’s where we are! I have held it in as long as I can and had Amber come over last night to take our picture. I really wanted to wait till 12 weeks but the word was starting to get around and I wanted to be the one to let everyone know. Plus, it was killing me to keep it a secret anymore.  We could not be happier and can’t wait for November to get here. And yes, we will be finding out what it is. Hopefully late June, early July.


  1. Im so happy for you! I cant wait to read about your journey!

  2. Very exciting Sarah! I am so happy for you!
    (It's not quite May yet though so you should probably go back and change May 2nd and May 18th dates to April so when you print it off, it's all right! Because trust me, once that baby gets here, the days and months all sorta blend together! Pregnancy brain most certainly is NOT a myth! LOL)
    Seriously so happy for you and your husband! You will be a fantastic mother!

  3. Holy cow!! SO excited for you!! You are gonna be the best mama!

  4. Thanks everyone! And thank you Erica! Definitely have some pregnancy brain going on. I will fix the dates. Think I am getting a little ahead of myself :)

    1. Yeah, pregnancy brain never really goes away! I think they should change it to "Mommy brain"! :) I am constantly having to sit back and think "Ok, which child did that?" because it all sort of runs together! :)

  5. Yay! Congrats Sarah! So happy for you guys!:)