Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catch up, like always

My dad keeps reminding me how horrible I am doing on writing on the blog so here ya go dad!

Nothing new around these parts. Staying VERY busy with the daycare (all are napping right now. Go me!) and trying to get out in the evenings to run errands or do anything to get out of the house after the kids leave.


Concentrating so hard on crafts


The babies


Shapes and colors game

Derek sold the jeep the other week. It was a sad day in his world. It was a gas hog and just not a an enjoyable ride for long distances so I talked him into selling it and getting me an suv with a 3rd row. Selfish? Maybe. This girl needs to be able to leave the house with the daycare kids though. I want to be able to go on field trips to the zoo, park, aquarium, etc this summer. No, I will never venture with all 5 of them but 3 of them are part time so there will be a couple days I only have 2-4 of them. We haven’t bought one but I have a few favorites Smile

We met some friends at the casino the other weekend. They were in town from Wichita so it was nice catching up with them. We didn’t do so good at the casino but still had fun.


The weather here has been AMAZING. I have been taking kids outside every afternoon after nap and playing out there till they get picked up. Amy and Josh came last weekend for a wedding so Amber and me watched Pax and Harper. We spend all day Saturday at the park or outside of our house. Amber took Pax that night to have a sleepover with Aiden and I kept Harper. Let’s just say I got the better part of the deal. Boys didn’t sleep at all and Harper didn’t wake once and slept till 8:30!


Ice cream at lunch


Ice cream truck came around and we couldn’t pass up popsicles!


Harper stalking the neighbors and almost convincing me to buy her this car…almost


This weekend we are headed to Manhattan for St. Patricks Day, next weekend Derek’s sister and her family and his parents are coming. Woo hoo for the next couple weekends!!!!

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  1. I so hope you get a lovely vehicle that you can venture out in. We definitely need some playdate adventures. :) Hooray for some fun weekends!