Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's that time

Tomorrow we head to Manhattan and I'll be a married woman when I come back to KC! Derek is only going to Manhattan for the weekend so we can meet with the pastor one last time and go to church on Sunday and then he is coming back to KC till (hopefully) Wednesday night, maybe Thursday night.

(this is what our cars look like right now)

Last Friday was my last day at work (I already miss the little boogers) so I have had this week off and have accomplished a lot. Ribbon wands are about done, centerpieces are almost done, pew decorations are almost done and I think all the last minute things have been purchased. I say everythings ALMOST done because I am saving some of it for next week. Everyone says I'll be busy next week but I'm thinking I'm gonna be pretty bored at my dads house all alone while he is at work..

I started packing yesterday and it's taking me 10 hours because I am trying to get all the wedding stuff packed, my bags packed for a week, getting last minute stuff for Zoe and Elsie's 2 week stay in Manhattan, AND digging out all my summer clothes so when we get back Sunday after the wedding, I don't have to try and find it all. We leave bright and early Monday morning for our honeymoon!!

And because I am doing a blog so I can remember all the stuff that went into planning the wedding, here are a few things that are giving me grey hairs :)

1. Got the 3 new bridesmaids dresses in and Amber's STILL does not fit. Stupid dress people don't freaking know how to make a dress. So she re ordered a new one and it will be here (hopefully) early next week. Nothing like getting a dress last minute! Her latest one fits ok and someone thinks they can make it work if worse comes to worse.

2. Got the programs in and I forgot to add put someones name on it (won't mention who's) so I re ordered them and I got the last ones in 5 days so I didn't want to pay the $75 to expedite them so we'll be getting those next week too. I have them being shipped to my dads and my fingers are crossed they get here by Wednesday. I have old ones if worse comes to worse but I will feel awful not having that person in the program!

3. We are STILL waiting on some of the branches for our centerpieces. Long story short, they had a bad snow storm where they were being shipped from so they were finally shipped March 25 (3 weeks late). I still hadn't received them last week so I emailed him and he apologized and said they must be lost in the mail so he is expedited new ones on Tuesday and they should have been here today but still nothing. I might die if they don't get here tomorrow.

4. Our computer crashed on Tuesday. It was going to cost $200 to fix it so we just went ahead a bought a new one for $400. Geek squad was able to transfer everything from the old computer to the new one but the wedding video that was 90% done, isn't showing up right on the new computer. Hopefully myself or the geek squad can get that figured out today because I might cry if I have to start over!

So there you go. Surprisingly, I think I have been staying pretty calm but if you talk to me next week and I blow up at you, don't take it personally :) And if you could all say a prayer, their saying mostly sunny and 75 for next Friday and Saturday. Lets hope it stays this way!

Farewell till after the wedding!


  1. that picture made me laugh out loud! ba ha ha!!!

    everything will arrive on time and be perfect, even the weather! NO WORRIES!!

    Im sooo freaking excited!!!

  2. good luck with everything! just remember it is only one day, and after it you will be married!!! don't sweat the small stuff.

  3. Everything will work out just fine Sarah! We can't wait for next weekend! You will make such a gorgeous bride! :)

  4. I laughed so hard at that picture too!!! Giggling now just thinking about it. Can't believe wedding is next week. Love you and can't wait!