Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I'm Lovin!

I know it's been awhile and I really don't have many Things I'm Lovin but I have a new obsession this week that I just had to share! Let me start by saying that I usually don't have Derek buy me any Lean Cuisines on his week to buy groceries (we take turns) because I am really picky on which ones I like. Well this week he ended up having one of my lean pockets because we had nothing to take for lunch so I told him no problem but to grab some more at the store. I wasn't too nervous because I told him just to get some Lean Pockets because I haven't had a kind I didn't like. Well I guess they came out with a new kind since I went to the store last week and I am so glad Derek got some. I am obsessed

They are 280 calories which isn't bad because I usually just have 1 of these and some Sun Chips for lunch. This one just tastes like a cheesy pretzel and it is sssoooo good. Had one yesterday and today (Derek wasn't too happy that I didn't let him have one)

Not only am I trying to plan our wedding but I have also been buying stuff for our honeymoon! I have already gotten 1 swim suit in the mail and have my eye on 3 more at Target. I love this one from Target because it's reversible! How can I not buy it? It's like buying 1 and getting 1 FREE!
(no picture because I can't find out)

Ok I feel like a fat kid for having 2 food related Things I'm Lovin but atleast their healthy! My sister had us try Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and it might be my new favorite dessert. I had no idea I was going to walk into dessert heaven...

First you get to pick your flavor (or 2 or 3 or 10) of yogurt and if that doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth alone, you can walk on over to the candy BUFFET and choose as many toppings as you want on your yogurt (keep in mind that the cost is based on weight). Derek absolutely loved his and I loved mine until I got to my tart vanilla. I didn't see regular vanilla so I thought that was it. Wrong. It was disgusting. Derek said he saw regular vanilla but didn't know I was looking for it. That just gives me an excuse to go back!

Lastly, I am loving my workout essentials. Pandora Radio because I don't like to pay for music on my phone and my arm band Derek's grandma got me for Christmas. I am completely worthless when I try to workout without these.


  1. fat kid!!
    Your title should have been Things Im loving: FOOD!! Ha! Totally kidding! I found an ADORABLE swimming suit at target.... i can't get it out of my head! ha
    Can't wait to try those lean pockets! YUM!!!

  2. haha I totally should have titled it that! I want a ruffly purple top one at target and a ruffly yellow top one that is yellow, baby blue, and some other colors. LOVE them!