Monday, January 3, 2011

Bring on 2011!

Derek and I spent New Years Eve at home, eating, drinking, and relaxing. We thought about going out in KC or going to Manhattan but we decided we didn't want to spend the money or freeze so we stayed in and brought in the new year just the two of us...and Elsie and Zoe :)

We ran a couple errands Saturday day and had lunch with my sister and then continued to do nothing. Derek's parents came Saturday night so Derek and his dad could go to the Chiefs game on Sunday and his mom brought Bierocks for dinner. Cabbage is supposed to be good luck and we need all the luck we can get this year. This year is probably going to be the biggest year EVER for the 2 of us. We will be getting married, I will start a new job after the wedding (no idea what that will be yet), and we HOPE to buy a house and start a family! I am ssooo excited for all of these things!

As far as resolutions go, we didn't really set any. There's always the lose weight and get in shape but we've have been working on this for months. I am going to watch what I eat more but that's more for the wedding then for a resolution. I just want to be a good fiance/wife, friend, sister, aunt, daughter, etc and just really enjoy this year and all the new things that come with it. BRING ON 2011!!!!

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