Monday, January 24, 2011

Check Check Check

I'm a week early on my monthly wedding blog but I have officially had a VERY productive wedding related month. I was off last week so I attempted to make the centerpiecs I wanted to do. After 2 tries, I have give up. I will post a picture because I am 99% sure I am not going to be doing this anymore. They look easy but they were HARD. Or maybe it's just because I don't have a crafty bone in my body.

So my wonderful sister Amber has come up with a new centerpiece that we are going to attempt this weekend. I am doing 2 different centerpieces but the other ones are for sure and they are pretty easy (even for me).

Tonight was probably the biggest wedding day so far. I ordered the invites AND flower girl dresses!! I don't want to ruin the surprise for those of you who are getting invites (who am I kidding? The only people that read this blog are family and friends so you ALL will be getting invites i'm sure). But I will show you the dresses our 3 adorable flower girls will be wearing.

Earlier this month I finally decided on bridesmaids dresses and all the girls have ordered them! Again, i'm not going to show you a pic but I will tell you it's one of the 4 below. I liked all 4 of them but loved the one I went with.

Groomsmen tuxes have not been ordered but I called the tux place and they said that when we go to Manhattan the end of February, we can order them then and that gives them plenty of time to get them all in.

We officially have an organist to play at the ceremony

Linens are still on my to do list. I just heard today that the college rents linens out so I need to call them and see about chair covers and napkins.

We have appts set up at the end of February with our cake lady (which I still have no idea what I want the cake to look like), pastor, and flower lady. That means I have to know exactly what I want for centerpieces before we meet with her again.

Also in February I will be taking my dress in to get altered. I need to find shoes before that appt!

My list for the next month:

  • Centerpieces (I am so ready to cross this off my list)
  • Buy my shoes

  • Toasting flutes

  • Cake serving set

  • Ring bands

  • Tuxes

  • Linens

  • Mail out invites!

Yay for a productive January. Now lets hope I can keep this up. 3 more months!


  1. So what do the centerpieces look like? I looked forever the other night and couldn't find ANYTHING!! Are we going to work on them this weekend? That would be a fun Friday night project!! I think you should get funky yellow shoes, that would be adorable. It would be cool if you could borrow our champagne flutes, kinda start a tradition, however I broke 1 of our 2 on Josh and I's first Valentines day as a married couple. I cried. Idiot.

  2. well how am I supposed to borrow your champagne flutes if you broke 1?! That would have been a good idea though. I don't want to buy the stupid things! I don't want to post a pic of the centerpiece we are going to try and make. I'll send you the link Amber gave me! Fun filled Friday we are going to have :)