Friday, February 4, 2011

Wedding updates

I was informed by my sister (Amy) that only my dress needs to be kept a secret so I guess I will agree and go ahead and show you all my bridesmaids dresses!!

Did you guess the right one?? I love them and my sister (Amber) tried it on and it looked even better on. I can't wait for the girls to get them in the mail. I think I have also decided to buy their shoes to go with their dresses. At first I didn't think I cared what shoes they wore but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how hard it might be to find shoes to match this dress. So my lovely sister Amber found these and they are exactly what I wanted.

I can finally check centerpieces off my list!!! I have 3 different centerpieces that I love and will be going shopping this weekend for the majority of them. I am so relieved to have these decided. Amber told me to stop looking at other centerpieces before I change my mind :)

I was just going to do simple bells for when we leave the church but Amber found these really cute ribbon wands with bells that I think will look awesome in pictures. It's 1 more project i'll have to do but they seem easy and totally worth it.

I'm still on the hunt for me shoes before my alteration appt. next weekend. I don't want regular wedding shoes (white or ivory ones) so i'm having a hard time finding what i'm looking for. I'll be adding that to the shopping list this weekend.

Derek and I decided on food for the reception and will be meeting with the pastor, cake lady (well just me will be going to this appt), and florist (again just me) the end of this month. I have been researching cake ideas and have a tiny idea of what I want but i'm still working on it. My bouquet has been decided but I am switching up the original bridesmaids bouquets. The yellow gerber daisies are just a little too bright so i'm going to see what other ideas the florist has. I don't know a thing about flowers!

And lastly....INVITATIONS ARE IN!! They are redoing the reception cards (they were way too small) but they should be in next week so i'm going to start putting them together and having Amber address them so when I get the reception cards back, they'll be ready to be mailed out!

I'm so happy things are finally coming together and I am SO ready to see everything all put together and to enjoy our big day!


  1. LOVE the dress and the shoes! I can't believe how close your big day is getting. Everything is falling right into place. Are your wearing white shoes or color/print? Yellow polka dot shoes would be cute...I saw this on

  2. Thanks Emily! Those shoes are really cute! I am looking for yellow shoes so i'll have to look into those. Yellow shoes are really hard to find!