Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This past weekend I flew to DC with my nanny family. The dad isn't able to go to DC til tomorrow so my nanny mom paid for me to fly to DC with her, the twins, and their older brother (who is 3). Instead of turning around and flying back home, I stayed 2 nights with my friend Melanie from high school. The twins did SO good on the plane. 1 sat beside me in his car seat and the other sat on my lap. They both fell asleep 10 min after take off and slept the entire flight. I was shocked!
We got into DC around 5:00pm DC time. After helping my nanny family get through the airport and to their ride (they are staying a week with my nanny mom's family), Melanie picked me up and we headed back to her place. She lives in Alexandria, VA which is about 20 min. from DC and her apt. was SO cute. We decided to order in Chinese and stay in that night.

Sunday we drove around and did some sight seeing. It was really cold out so we mostly drove around but we did walk around the white house and 1 art museum. We then met her friend for mimosa's and lunch which turned into drinking and watching football all day. That night we went to a little karaoke bar and had a blast singing in our own private room.

Melanie headed to work Monday morning and I spent the day recovering from the day/night before. I got a taxi around 2:30 that took me to the airport and I survived my first plane ride by myself. I had a great time in DC and the people there were SO nice but I was glad to see Derek and the dogs waiting for me at the airport.

Now I have been enjoying my week off and catching up on wedding stuff (that's a whole new post that I will get too soon). Elsie got fixed yesterday so we have been cuddling lots. She is almost back to her normal self today. Glad I made it to the gym, grocery store, and Wal Mart. It just started snowing here and we are supposed to be getting around 6 in. so I'm sure I'll be staying in tomorrow. Here are some pics of Elsie's haircut last week and the dogs in the snow. They like running and playing in the snow for about 2 min. then their feet get cold and we have to go carry them inside. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Like your pink coat and you look WAY cuter and skinnier in that green top from Target than I do!!

  2. It's Melanie's coat. I'm a ratard and forgot to bring a coat. And whatever about the green shirt. You are smaller then me and I look like butt in that picture