Monday, December 20, 2010

The weekend before Christmas

Saturday morning Derek and I got up and around and did our Christmas shopping. I say it every year but for real this time, I am NOT waiting til the weekend before Christmas to do my shopping ever again! Everywhere was packed, they were out of things I wanted, etc. After we rushed around to a few different places I dropped him off at home and headed to my 60 min. massage. Derek got it for me for my birthday (yes, in May) and I finally got around to using it. I absolutely loved it. I told him it was probably a bad idea to give me that because now I want one like every week!

Late that afternoon we met my sister, her boyfriend, nephew Aiden, and mom at my sisters house and all packed into a car and headed to Union Station. They had a polar express exhibit going on so we checked out all the model trains inside Union Station and then headed out to an actual train. It was 4 cars long and each car was decked out in Christmas stuff. It was really neat!

Next on our list was the Plaza. Of course it was PACKED since it was the weekend before Christmas so since there wasn't anywhere to park, they dropped Amber, Aiden, and me off so we could do a carriage ride and they drove away from the crowd and ended up finding a not to packed bar and had a drink while they waited for us. We didn't have to wait too long and got on a group carriage ride (a carriage ride to yourself was $50-70). It was fun to ride around and look at the lights and it even started snowing while we were on it!

After they picked us back up we decided we were way too hungry to wait an hour for a table somewhere on the plaza (it was 7 at this point) so we drove back by where my sister lives and ate at Oklahoma Joe's. My sister and I aren't huge bbq fans but this place was very good. We chowed down on some food, went back to my sisters to get our car and then Derek and I drove through a neighborhood my mom told me about where was decorated in Christmas lights. It was beautiful.

Sunday I went with my sister to get Aiden's 2 year pics taken and then we had a fun filled day of baking! Once again, Wal-Mart was out of stuff we needed (a rolling pin and cookie cutters) so we had to run to another store for cookie cutters and improvise on the rolling pin. We made homemade sugar cookies and frosting (we'll stick with easy circle sugar cookies next year), chex mix, peanut brittle, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate covered peanut butter crackers. Aiden also tried out his toddler bed for the 1st time while I was over there AND put on his big boy undies for nana and I. He isn't potty trained yet but he looked so adorable in them. We were all exhausted last night but we all had a great weekend together!

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