Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Buckaroos turned 1 and 2

Saturday we had a little buckaroo party for my niece Harper and nephew Aiden. Harper turned 1 on Dec. 9th and Aiden turned 2 on Dec. 12th. My sisters had the party at my sister Amber's house and the kids had a great turn out of family and friends. They aren't spoiled one bit :)

Harper LOVED opening her presents and eating her cake. She has had cake before so she knew what to do. She was digging in before we were even done singing to her! As much as I love my nephews, my sisters and I prayed for a little girl in the family so we could spoil her with all the girly stuff we had when we were little. Let's just say all 3 of us were in heaven walking down the little girl aisles at the store trying to find Harper the perfect gift. She got LOTS of babies, and pink stuff for her birthday. She loves her brothers boy toys so we had to make sure she had some girly toys too!

Aiden didn't really care about opening his presents. He would rather just put on a show for everyone and just stand there looking cute and make everyone laugh. I have no idea what I am going to get this little guy for Christmas because he got everything imaginable for his birthday! He got a big train table, tool set, basketball goal, and lots of other fun toys. Just like Harper, he was all about the cake! He kept sneaking into the kitchen and eating frosting before the party even started! It was funny because Aiden loved playing with Harper's baby dolls (he is going to make an awesome big brother one day, hopefully) and Harper loved playing with his 4 wheeler.

We had a great time with my family over the weekend and loved celebrating Harper and Aiden's birthdays. I love those 2 ssoo much!

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