Thursday, December 30, 2010

We can almost say...

...we're getting married THIS year! I don't know why it is but the wedding being 4 months away seems SO much closer then when we were 5 months away. I've been saying all along that I'm not going to do awhole lot of the detailed stuff until after the new year and now that the new year is 2 days away, i'm freaking out! Don't get me wrong, I am super excited to get married and become Derek's wife but the whole planning of the wedding isn't my cup of tea. I am seriously thinking about hiring a wedding planner because i'm nervous I will forget small details. Any takers :)

#1 on my to do list is bridesmaid dresses! I think this has been my #1 for the past 5 months but i'm serious this time. My sister and I are actually going to try and go look on Saturday.

#2- Start making the centerpieces. I have a week off in January (could not come at a better time) and I am going to start making the centerpieces. I still need to come up with an idea for anotehr centerpiece. I want half the tables with the centerpiece I am making and the others with something else. HELP!

Centerpiece idea

#3-Order flower girl dresses and go to Manhattan and pick out tuxes

#4-Order invitations. Already have them picked out just need to finalize the wording and order them! Also need to call Colbert Hills and see what time their going to kick us out :)

#5-Decide about linens. Colbert Hills provides white linens but I think I want to spruce up the table and get yellow napkins

#6-Find musicians for the ceremony

#7-If we make a trip to Manhattan this month, we need to meet with either our florist or the pastor. I've made some changes to the flowers and we need to meet with our pastor 3 times before the wedding.

#8 Send in limo agreement

Our ride after the ceremony

Lastly but most importantly, lose weight! I have been going to the gym for a few months now but I really haven't been trying super hard or watching what I eat. Now it's time to get serious and lose weight and tone up!
Ok, I think that's a long enough list for this month. I am hoping to complete these tasks the week I have off in January. Elsie is getting fixed that week so we'll be spending a lot of time at home and I can't wait!

1 thing we can finally check off our list... our honeymoon!!!! Thank you Derek's parents! We decided on El Dorado in Rivieria Maya. I have shown this picture before but now that it's is where we will be spending much of our time

at our swim up room!

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