Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving break

Last Wednesday afternoon, Derek, myself, Elsie, my brother Tony, and my mom piled into my car and headed to my aunt and uncles in Springfield, MO. When we were about an hour away we hear on the radio that there are tornados! We quickly call my aunt and uncle and they said the tornadoes were very close to us but we should be ok. Tornadoes in November?! Who woulda thought! We made it safe and sound to their house and had some beverages and just caught up with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins.

Thursday most of the house slept in and then we just relaxed until we had our amazing Thanksgiving feast at 3:00 (we had to wait for my cousin and his girlfriend to get back from her familys Thanksgiving). It went from tornadoes the night before to freezing rain and sleet on Thursday. Only in Kansas! A few people napped while everyone else just layed around after stuffing our bellies. That evening we had a fun night of poker and rock band!

Friday some of us did some shopping and running errands for the wedding. My sisters and their families arrived that afternoon and most of us headed to the wedding rehearsal. After the rehearsal we all went to the rehearsal dinner at Big Whiskeys. We watched the wedding video my aunt did so well on and then played darts and card games (all while drinking of course).

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Saturday was the wedding so my cousin Kayla (the bride), my aunt, mom, grandma, and me headed to the salon to get our hair done with the other bridesmaids. Us girls spent the day getting ready and taking pictures and then had an awesome time at the wedding. My aunt and cousin did such an amazing job on the wedding and my cousin looked SO beautiful. It's gonna be a hard wedding to beat! We drank and danced till about 1am then all headed back to my aunt and uncles to sleep before heading home the next morning.

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I am one exhausted girl today! I think I needed 1 more day of recovery before having to chase after the twins (yes, 1 is FINALLY crawling)! Early bedtime tonight!

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  1. Good job on the collages, I see some of my pics made it in :) By the way, you were in Missouri NOT Kansas, and I didn't know about the tornados!!! Eeeekkkk!