Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5 months

I can hardly believe that in 5 months we will be getting married!! I was up from 2-3:30am last night thinking about all that I have to get done in just 5 months. I didn't think I would start panicking till after the 1st of the year but after going to my cousins wedding last weekend, I am realizing how much stuff I still need to do!

BRIDESMAID DRESSES!! I never thought that I would be this close to the wedding and still not have bridesmaid dresses! The gray I am wanting them to be is VERY hard to come by. I am hopefully going to go dress shopping Saturday.

Flower girl dresses-I think I have found the one I want, need to order it (x3)

Invitations-I have already found the ones I want and the website said they ship in 2-3 days so I am not going to order them till beginning of January so I can have them mailed out in Feb or March

Linens-This is a new one on the list. Our reception venue has white tablecloths and napkins but now I think I want some color on the table so I am thinking about either getting colored tablecloths OR colored napkins

Centerpieces-I know what I want to do for half the tables but I am not sure about the other half. I LOVED my cousins centerpieces but they rented them and I haven't been able to find anywhere around Manhattan that rents them

Church music- The pastor gave me a list of musicians, I just need to start calling them!

Videographer-I thought I had just decided against having a videographer because I can only find super expensive ones but the more I think about it, the more I really want someone their capturing our wedding day

Honeymoon-Need to get it booked (we should probably decided where we want to go as well) and get our passports

I think that's my list for now. There are a lot of little things (candelabra, unity candle, etc) that needs to still be done but I am thinking I can put that off till at least Feb :)

5 months to go!


  1. From my experience here is some opinions about what I either did, used, or figured out:
    Table linens- use a smaller square over the top of white.

    Center pieces-Kayla's were beautiful (as was she!)Who are you using for flowers? I don't know the $$$ but I bet these could be made. The dangling part is probably available at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section and another plus is it will go on sale soon. Kistner's is who I used and they were very helpful regarding creating the look without the price.

    Videographer-I was with you on not thinking I needed one and then later changing my mind. I definitely think you should at least just have someone from your friends/family not involved in the wedding do it. We ended up having a college buddy of Joe's do it. Since St. Isidore's doesn't allow walking around during the ceremony I think he did just as good of a job as a pro could have.

    Music- I asked Ralph (owner of Gia Salon and part of St. Isidore's choir), Frank (director of St. Isidore's choir), and a friend of mine to do our ceremony music. I am pretty sure that regardless of if you are getting married at St. Isidore's or not they would be open to the idea. Ralph and Frank both have beautiful voices and were so helpful in offering suggestions for what songs to use when.

    Honeymoon- BUY THE INSURANCE! You probably won't need to worry as much as we did since it's earlier in the year, but we didn't end up getting to go on our honeymoon because of hurricane Dean. Thank goodness we had the insurance though. We would have been able to rebook without it IF the airlines stop flights to the destination but otherwise if you just don't feel safe going it's on you.

    Okay so take all this with a grain of salt. I am no expert and everyone has different taste, expectations, and envisions of their perfect day. I love hearing about your planning. I had so much fun planning mine! Everything will all fall right into place the way your day is supposed to be. Does your venue or caterer provide the drinking glasses? If not and if you are having a champaign toast for everyone remember to provide glasses! That was the one thing we forgot.

  2. You could always come out to Denver and go bridesmaid shopping at my sister's shop!!

  3. Abby-I will definitely check out her website! Maybe if I find something you can go model it and send me a pic. Doubt I'll be making any trips to Denver!

    Emily-Thank you SO much for all your ideas! We are using Homestead Floral (she did Amy's wedding). I need to call her and see if she has any branches. I know she said she had a few centerpieces. I haven't been to Manahttan for awhile so I need to plan a trip so I can meet with her again and go over some new ideas I have.
    We are trying to think of a family memeber that could videotape just haven't thought of anyone yet.
    I will try and get a hold of the people you used for you music. I don't need anyone to sing, just play instruments.
    Thanks for the advice on the honeymoon insurance. I probably would have never even considered getting it but I would rather be safe then sorry! I know there are a lot of drug busts and stuff going on in Mexico and stuff so we would maybe have to cancel ours if it wasn't safe to go!
    I want to get toasting flutes for Derek and I no matter what and I will have to double check on glasses for everyone else! Our reception is at Colbert Hills and they are providing pretty much everything but that's one thing I doubt they are! People could always chug their waters and pour it in those glasses if worse came to worse :) I'm sure you'll hear me stress a lot more in my blog posts so please keep the ideas comin!! Thanks again!