Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthdays 1&2 of 5

Derek and I have 6 amazing nieces and nephews that we love SO much but they are going to make their auntie and uncle go broke! Between the 6 of them, 5 of them are born in November and December! Some within days apart! It makes birthday parties a little easier cause we can knock out 2 in one weekend but of all the months of the year, why oh why do our sisters feel the need to have babies RIGHT before Christmas (or a couple days after for 1 of them). It's a good thing their all so cute!

Last weekend we headed to Halle's 3rd birthday on Saturday. It was Little Mermaid theme and she had an adorable Little Mermaid cake and decorations. I'm so mad because my sister had my camera so I only got a couple pictures on my phone. We had a good time celebrating with Derek's friends and family and can't wait to see Halle in the K-State cheerleading outfit we got her!

After Halle's party we headed to El Dorado because my sister needed us to watch the kids while her and her husband went to a concert Saturday night. Sunday was Paxton's 3rd birthday party and he had a fishing theme party. My sister did an awesome job on his cupcakes and the decorations. Derek and I got him some clothes and a train set that he had set up before we even left. I think Harper maybe liked it more then him!

*Derek and I WILL not (unless it happens unexpectedly) have a baby in the months of November or December. The 6th niece has a birthday in Feb. so we are shooting for April-Sep*

Other pics from the weekend:

Next birthday: Harper's 1st!! Here is a preview of her outfit (1 of them). Her and Aiden are born 3 days apart so they are having a conjoined little buckaroo party. Harper will be wearing cowboy boots instead of these leggings.

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