Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Boston recommendations

Calling all travelers and Boston peeps! Me and the kiddos are flying solo gulp to Boston next week and I need tips and advice.  Derek will be there 10 days for training so we're going to meet him there for a couple days.  We are well aware of the 100 feet of snow and cold temperatures they have but if it means seeing daddy and getting away for a few days, count me in!  So here's where you come in...
  I think I have a plan for the airport.  My mom or brother will be taking us to the airport so they can help me inside and getting the luggage and car seats checked.  I plan on wearing Brooks in my ergo, diaper bag back pack on my back, Collins in stroller with carry on bag under that.  I need all ideas for keeping 2 small children happy on the flight.  It's during nap time so I pray they both sleep but I'd like to plan for the worst.  I've got Collins favorite sticker book shipped to our house to surprise her with on the flight and I'm going to pack a ton of snacks for her.  Food is the way to her heart.  I need some preschool app recommendations and anything else you got for me.  Brooks will hopefully nurse and pass out but I'll have the carry on full of toys and teethers for him.  Think he could have those mum mum teething biscuits at 6.5 months?? It's an almost 3 hour flight and I'm checking our car seats so Collins will have her own seat and Brooks on my lap.
Collins' last (and only) flight.  She is ssooo excited to go on an airplane
b.  The biggest stress is when we get there.  Derek will be in training so we're going to have a car service pick me and the kids up and take us to the hotel.  I'll have to get the luggage and car seats myself and get them installed in the car.  My sweet friend Ashley is letting me borrow her car seat cover so Collins car seat will be in that which turns into a backpack I can wear.  It might weigh me down but hopefully Brooks on the front of me will keep me grounded.  It's going to be quite the sight, I assure you. 
c.  So hopefully we make it to the hotel and then I'm sure I'll be ready for a drink.  We are staying in Marlborough but have plans to go into Boston on Saturday. We need restaurant suggestions and things to do.  Keep in mind that it will be cold so probably not anything outside. I'm so sad the whale watching doesn't start until April because we ALL would have really enjoyed that.  No baseball games this time of year either :(
Please say a prayer for a safe trip, that I keep my sanity and that the kids behave.  We have a car rented for our stay and Derek can take us back to the airport and get us checked in and my mom will be waiting for us at the KC airport when we get back. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this...


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