Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brooks at 6 months

Stats| 15lbs 14oz (25%), 25 1/4 in (12%) and head is 17in (25%). He dropped below the curve in weight and height so we're going to push the solids more and possibly do 1 formula bottle before bed. Something I was considering anyway in hopes of him sleeping better. She wasn't too concerned with his weight but he didn't gain as much from 4 to 6 months as she'd like to see. We go back in a month for his 2nd flu shot and weight check. She's pretty sure he wasn't measure correctly at his 4 month because there was a big jump from 2 to 4 months and then a drop from 4 to 6 months. The 4 month length just isn't adding up quite right. He's short no doubt, but I don't think he shrunk. 

Eating| Apparently not enough but he hates baby food so it just seems like a waste of time to me. Pears have been the only thing he's actually eaten all of and I tricked him one night and added peas to them and he ate that as well. I have a feeling he'll be more of a table food eater and not so much baby food. He grabs our food so I had the genius idea of letting him gnaw on an apple the other night, yeah he bit off a piece and choked. My mom, sister and me were all freaking out at Chick-fil-A We won't be going the baby led weaning quite yet. I better brush up on my CPR first.  He nurses roughly 7 times a day and drinks 5oz from a bottle before bed. 

Sleeping| He was doing decent and then his 2 bottom teeth poked through-- Um what? Didn't expect those pearly whites for a couple more months. And then he got a cough and cold and that has him waking all freaking night. Morning nap is about an hour, afternoon one is 1.5 hours and we let him take a 30 min cat nap before dinner.  Sleeping 7:30pm-7:30am with multiple wake ups. Sometimes just giving him his pacifier puts him back to sleep and sometimes I just cave and feed him so that I can go back to sleep. 

Play| He finally rolled back to stomach this month. We were at my sisters and I went to check on him and he was asleep on his stomach! Not how I had left him. He continued to do it every night for about a week but wouldn't ever do it during the day for us. Little does he know that we have a video monitor and could see him do it during the night. Stinker. He can sit for several seconds but prefers to stand up or lay down. Doctor even said today that she thinks he'll be an early walker. Let's just hope it's not as early as Collins walked.
Health| Thanks to an older sibling, he's just now getting over a pretty nasty cough and cold. We made a doctors visit when he spiked an almost 102 temp and Collins was battling a fever/cough/cold as well. The fever was short lived and he was a pretty good sport about being sick. I didn't complain about the extra cuddles either. Ok maybe once when I had to sleep in the recliner with him all night. So we'll pack on the lbs and everything else checked out great at the doctor. 

Likes| I have a feeling I'll say this every month but he is truly in love with Collins. Always has his eyes on her and smiling. If he's standing up he's jumping, has way too much liking for the TV and loves kicking and splashing (and peeing) in the bath. 
Dislikes| when he rolls onto his back while he's sleeping and baby food. 

Oh how I love this baby boy.  His open mouth kisses, the way he's started to reach for us, his blue eyes, tiny feet and contagious smile. He will never grow up, he will never grow up... 

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