Monday, March 30, 2015

Lifestyle pics by auntie

When auntie Amy says "lets go take your pictures," you go get your pics taken.  That's the great thing about lifestyle pics. No fancy outfits, no props and trying to pose a wild 2 year old or a 6 month old that just wants to play with his feet.  Just my babies, in our home, doing what they love to do. 

Let's start with Mr. Brooks.  Clearly he's "not quite on the growth chart.". Baby rolls make me weak.




Collins was in heaven getting to jump on her bed. I can't get her to take pics but she always turns it on for auntie


Let's be real, these 2 had a lot to do with the smiles coming from my kids. They love their cousins big time. Swoon.
As always, thank you sister for capturing our family.  I don't feel as bad only capturing pics through my phone because I can always count on you to get the best of pics. 

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