Thursday, November 15, 2012


:It's crazy to me that we could be going in tonight to have our baby girl tomorrow. I am glad we went with Wednesday instead because I don't think I would have been prepared enough to go in tonight.
:Speaking of being prepared, my hospital bag is stressing me out. I can't decide what I should pack to wear in the hospital. I assume they will have me in a gown from Tuesday night till after I deliver her but then am I able to wear normal clothes or do I have to wear a gown for awhile after I deliver her? I don't want to show up with 5 suitcases full of clothes I won't wear and get laughed at by the nurses like my sister Amber did. Does it surprise you that Amber showed up with 5 suitcases? Me neither. Love you Amber :)
:I forgot to add this to my 37 week update but at our last birthing class, Derek and I almost got kicked out. Ok not really but it was the end of class and we were all sitting around with our partners in the dim room practicing breathing techniques. Well a noise outside the room scared Derek and he jumped like 5 feet (I was leaning up against him). I called him a chicken and then we both couldn't stop laughing for some reason. At first it was just silent giggles but I could feel Derek keep laughing behind me and I couldn't keep it in, I busted out laughing. Like tears flowing from my eyes laughing out loud. I ran out of the room as fast as I could and waited till I was sure they were done with the breathing techniques before I walked back in. I got a couple stares but class was over so we grabbed our things and ran.
:I might have already started decorating for Christmas. Just the fireplace mantle but we plan on putting up the tree this weekend after we shampoo the carpets. I'd rather it all be up when we get home with Collins so we don't have to mess with it the weekend we come home.
:I'm excited to have my sisters in the room during delivery to take pictures and to just have more support incase Derek faints, kidding! No worries, Amy won't be down below but she'll be able to get pics while I am laboring and after Collins is born. I'm glad I don't have to worry about Derek snapping pics and we can both just enjoy the whole process. Amber MIGHT videotape but now I am thinking pictures is enough.
:Tomorrow is my last day or work till Jan 2 and I am ssoo excited. I know I will be bored and antsy Monday and Tuesday but after that I will have a tiny baby to snuggle  and lots of time to spend with friends and family for the holidays.


  1. It was NOT 5 suitcases! But almost true story :)

    Don't forget about ME in the delivery camera in hand!

    So so so excited to snuggle my CC bug!!

  2. Yes, you will be in the room too but I think we'll go without the video camera. Camera and video camera might be a little much. We'll see ")

  3. just be sure whatever you bring for afterwards is comfy. I think it's pretty much your choice if you want to put on your own clothes or leave the hospital gown on but as soon as I could get up, I wanted that thing off after wearing it for a day and a half I was done! I would say let Amber video record it and if you don't want it later or after it watching it you can always get rid of it but if you don't tape and then want it later you can't get it back. So excited for you - good luck! :)

  4. How did I miss this post?!?!?

    OMG I snorted when you mentioned Amber and her suitcases, seriously Amber, I remember needing a luggage cart at the hospital for Aiden's birth, like we were at the freaking Embassy Suites or something! Sheesh. So funny though, only Amber.

    Pack your comfiest (and biggest) sweatpants, nursing tanks, and zip up jackets or something like that. That is what I changed into as soon as I could shower, I HAD to have pants on, with all that nastiness going on down there, I couldn't just chill in a gown....(seriously, just get ready, I had c-sections and it still wasn't pretty).

    I am sooooo excited to be there for the whole thing. I promise I won't get any "money shots" hahahhahahaha!!! And I agree with the Kristy on the video thing, a picture can't capture that first cry like a video can. You'll want that to remember. I love watching Harper's tape and hearing her cry for the first time.

    Love you sissy, relax and enjoy these last few days, you're life is about to change FOREVER!!