Thursday, November 8, 2012

37 Weeks (11/2/12)

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of baby: 19.1 inches and 6.5 pounds. About the size of a leek, whatever that is.  

Weight gain: 25 pounds. The scale Monday said I had lost 2 pounds since last week. The nurse (my doc was gone this week) didn't say anyything about it so I guess it's nothing to be concerned about. My appt this week and my appt last week were at two different offices so maybe 1 of the scales was off.

Progress: Notta. As of Monday, she was still up high and I had made no progress. Like I said, my doctor was gone this week so I am hoping I make some progress by the time I see her Tuesday. Otherwise I don't think she will let me set an induction date. Guess I better take some long walks this weekend.

Maternity clothes: Counting down the weeks till I can be done with them! I wear the same few shirts every week and dread putting jeans on.

Stretch marks: No new ones

Sleep: I think I went to the bathroom 4 times last night! Usually it's only 2-3 times but still, annoying!!! Our bed is pretty high so getting in and out of bed is getting harder and harder and flipping sides? Impossible! I sleep on 1 side until I have to go to the bathroom and then when I come back to bed, I rearrange my body pillow and can sleep on my other side. 

Symptoms: I really can't complain any here. I am feeling so great for being this far along. Usually my back hurts by the evening but that's expected when I am picking up and carrying kids all day. My wonderful husband is usually nice enough to give me a nightly back massage too.

Best moment this week: Finishing her room! It's about 90% done but I am so in love with it. I can't stop opening the door and looking at it. We also finished our birthing class last night so we are ready whenever Collins decides to make her entrance.

Movement: Not as big of movements but still kicking and having the hiccups. The nurse didn't check to see if she was head down but I am 99% sure she still is. She is always kicking my left side so I think she is in the right position, just needs to head south!

Food cravings: I have been eating the heck out of Halloween candy we didn't get to pass out due to birthing class that night.  

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: Normal clothes and sleeping on my back and stomach

Milestones: Full term! Only 1 more full week of work before I start my maternity leave. Hopefully with a baby in my arms.


  1. Monday night Chris works late. Maybe Ryann and I should come over and help you walk that baby out!!

  2. Sounds great to me! If I don't go before then, maybe we could walk the mall. I have a Baby Gap gift card so I want to look for her a Christmas dress.