Thursday, November 29, 2012

1 week

Well, we survived our first week with Collins. The week FLEW by! Here are a couple things about her first week

  • She has been to the doctor twice now. We went Saturday to check her weight and she was 6lbs 7oz and since she was down almost 10%, they wanted us to come back later in the week. We went back yesterday and she is 6lbs 11oz. Ped said she looked great and we don't need to come back till her 1 month appt.
  • She has been to Babies R Us, Target and auntie Amber's  house
  • I left her alone with daddy for an hour Tuesday night so I could go to Target. They did perfectly fine but I missed her like crazy.
  • She has met all her immediate family. She is 1 loved little baby and made a number of family members cry when they had to tell her bye (I won't menion any names)
  • Sleeping ok. I have done 2 things I said I would never do and that's let her sleep with us and let her sleep in the swing. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Last night she slept in the swing but I didn't turn it on and after her 2nd feeding in the night, she slept in her bed. Baby steps people, baby steps.
  • The couple hours a day she is awake, she is very alert. She can lift her head up and loves looking around the room. Especially at the Christmas tree lights.
  • Seems to think she is always hungry. I swore to the pediatrician I don't starve her when I showed her the hicky she has given herself on her wrist. Working on her keeping the pacifier in her mouth instead of her body parts. She found her thumb today and although I don't want a thumb sucker, it was pretty darn cute.
  • Her sisters aren't so sure what to think of her. Zoe pretty much ignores her and Elsie is pretty scared of her. Both have done better today so hopefully they'll be back to themselves soon.
  • Loves having her hair washed and brushed but hates having her body washed and lotion put on. Sorry girl, mommy likes the smell of a clean baby.
  • Can't decide who she looks like. Some people say Derek, some people say me, I see a little bit of Paxton in her and there has been 1 pic where she looks like auntie Amber. Regardless, she is 100% CUTE :)
  • Has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger already. We are so completely in love with this girl. She is going to be spoiled rotten because we fight over who gets to hold her.
And since papa Long called and requested pictures, here's a few crap ton from this week:

Lots of outfit changes in the hospital:

Leaving the NICU to go home:

Meeting family:
 First bath:

1 week:

Elsie guarding her sister:

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  1. LOVE it all! And don't worry about the "swore you'd never do" stuff...there will be TONS more of it! You do what you gotta do to survive and it happens to absolutely everyone! I swore I'd never give my babies a pacifier and Tytan had one before we even left the hospital! :) I bet you guys are doing spectacular. Can't wait to see her over Christmas!