Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Between the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins and actual Halloween, I think I can safely say we had a very good Halloween! On actual Halloween, I dressed Ian and Gage in their costumes (Ian the panda bear, Gage the lion) and headed to Aiden’s school/daycare for his Halloween party. My sister couldn’t get off work so I was more then happy to go to it! The people are so nice there and let the twins walk in the parade with him and get candy. Aiden was SO sweet to them and didn’t want us to leave.


Such a cute man with the yellow hat (Curious George is on his back)


We were boring and didn’t actually dress up this year but went to the Chiefs game instead! It was a late night since the game went into overtime but we are in first place now and it was an awesome game to be at.


My brother and his girlfriend were Tim Linecum and Brian Wilson


Go chiefs

Our nieces and nephews dressed up for Halloween.


Pax as Optimus Prime


Halle the princess, Hazel the strawberry and Peyton the policeman


Harper was a bumble bee but I don’t have a good pic


Mom and a girl she works with were Ragedy Anne and Andy

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