Thursday, October 13, 2011


The twin’s brother didn’t have preschool today so I planned a fun morning for the 4 of us.  We went and checked out Wonderscope!! I had found this on the internet a long time ago but the twins were too little so I’ve been holding off. I brought them in the stroller but ended up leaving it in the hallway and just letting them run walk freely. I was a little hesitant when we pulled up because I expected a big museum but it’s actually an old school. There is one hallway with different themed rooms on each side.

Grocery store/farm (we all loved this room. Went in twice)



Music room:


Vet/Doctors room (my favorite):




Lego room (Heath’s favorite):


Water room (Ian and Gage’s favorite):


Other rooms we didn’t go in or I don’t have pics of- ball/raceway room. Basically you roll a ball down a lot of different ramps. It was the first room we went in so I was too busy teaching Ian and Gage the rules when not in the stroller! We didn’t do the room for kids under 2 since we had their older brother and we didn’t do the craft room because I saw paint and way too many hands and clothes for me to try and keep clean!

Ended the day with McDonalds and naps!



  1. I was just checking this out online, so you think it worked well for the twins? I'd love to give it a try with Ryann sometime.

  2. They LOVED it! I suggest going during the week when there aren't many people. The rooms aren't huge so they fill up. We will definitely be going again!!

  3. Looks/sounds awesome! I wish they had something like that in Manhattan.