Monday, October 10, 2011

My sister rocks

We got to El Dorado Friday night and chilled with my sister and the kiddos until bedtime. Amber had to work Saturday morning so Aiden came with us as well as my mom.  Saturday we were up early with the kids and enjoyed some muffins before heading to the pumpkin patch (which will be a post in itself once my sister uploads pics and I can steal them from her).  After a few hours at the pumpkin patch, we headed home so the kids could nap and us girls could watch the K-State game. Derek went to Willies to watch it with Josh and Amber got to El Dorado right before the game started so she slept cheered on the cats with us! What a great win we had!


(Pax first cart and Aiden third)

The kids were hyper when they woke up so we let them run out some energy at home before we headed to Willies for dinner. After a quick stop at Walgreens, we ended the night making posters for my sisters half marathon Sunday morning. They might not have been the prettiest posters but they were sparkly! Hey, it's the thought that counts!


The 3 munchkins “hiding” from Amy


Cutest k-state fans


Sunday we successfully got everyone up and out the door by 8:20am. We wanted to be in Wichita a little after 9 to catch Amy at miles 7, 9 and the finish line (the race started at 8). After taking the wrong exit into Wichita and getting lost, it was 9:15 by the time we got where the race was. We got to what we thought was mile 7 to find out it was mile 5 and she had already past it. We ran to the van, got everyone buckled in and drove to mile 9. After one way streets, streets being closed for the race etc, we ran onto the sidewalk to be told by her coach she had already past that too. We ran back to the van (keep in mind there are 3 kids who have to be buckled into car seats) and raced to the finish line because there was no way we were missing her finish! We got to the end with an extra 30 min to spare (do the math, that means she HADN'T passed all those mile markers we stopped at).

Amy's partner had crossed a little before her and came over saying she lost Amy at mile 9. She said her blood sugar was low and she was having a hard time. I got so mad because I knew we were supposed to be at that mile marker and she could have used our encouragement at that point. I got sad to think she might have thought we had given up on her. But I never second guessed her finishing. I knew she maybe had  to slow down but I knew she would finish the race. As I watched her round the corner and run the last stretch of the race, I cheered like a cheerleader I have never been and cried out of happiness. I was ssssoooo proud of her! She has worked her butt off preparing for this race and there is no place I would have rather been then right there at the finish line as she finished. Maybe not with the time she wanted but she did it and that's more then a lot of us can say!



  1. awww thanks sarah!! and thanks for coming i couldnt have done it without you guys!!

  2. Made me cry! Way to go Amy, congrats! What great sisters you two are for being so supportive. It really means a lot to Amy I am sure. My sister drove all the way from Alabama to Virginia Beach to watch me and it meant the world!