Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Midweek Randoms

  • As always, I forgot to take hardly any pics of our 4th of July weekend. We had such a great time in Galva with Derek’s side of the family. We celebrated the 4th on the 3rd with a pool party/bbq at his aunt and uncles and then went to his sister and brother in laws for fireworks! Here are the 3 pics I managed to take.
1 of Elsie and Peyton cuddling,
1 of the festive strawberries I made, and
1 of our friend Seth and Laurie’s baby, Brandon. He is actually a twin and I was in heaven holding them both! I even got to witness 1 rolling over for the 1st time!!
  • I watched my nephew Aiden last Friday. He was sent home Wednesday with the flu so I got to spend Friday with him just to make sure he was completely better. He was and we enjoyed the library, snow cones, and playing with the hose (I showed him how to wash his bikes like a car)!
  • Other random pics from my phone:

Royals game a couple weeks ago
My precious babies
Their gonna miss me when I go back to work Sad smile Elsie ALWAYS sleeps on her back

I treated myself to a slushie after I worked out (probably not a great idea but I was ssooo hot)
Who needs a coozie?!


The ADORABLE 3 month old I watched yesterday. Flashed surprised her

  • This past weekend we met Derek’s sister, brother in law, and our nephew and nieces at a waterpark at the hotel they were staying at in KC. We had so much fun with them!!
Peyton floating on his back
This one cracks me up of Halle. She would lay completely flat when she went down the slide

Both went down at the same time
Bryon and Derek. I think us adults had just as much fun as the kids
Part of the waterpark

My sidekick
Jaime and Hazel after a busy day at the waterpark

  • We are heading to St. Louis Saturday for my friend Sarah’s wedding. I can’t wait to get away with Derek and also see all my high school friends!

  • I start back up watching the twins on Monday. I enjoyed my 3 months off but it’s back to reality


  1. Sarah I love your new cut! Tell Sarah congrats if you think of it. I am about to go back to school full time this August after being off since January and I am DREADING it SOOO bad. I love being home with my boys! Reality sucks ;)

  2. Yeah you need to get on the ball with the pics, phone pics just aren't cutting it! That baby is adorable, what is she laying on? Cause it looks super cute whatever it is.

  3. Thanks Emily! I will tell Sarah! I bet your dreading going back to school more then I am work. You have to leave 2 precious boys, not 2 dogs :)

    Amy-I NEVER take my camera anymore. My phone is more convenient. I'll try to take it this weekend. She is laying on her changing pad. Her crib bumper looked like that (I think her mom made it). SSOOO cute. She had a 4 year old sister that was adorable too.

  4. So since you'll have kiddos again you want to hang out right? Ryann and I are getting lonely :o). You'll have to let me know when they nap, so far CJ and Ryann's schedules don't coordinate at all.

  5. For sure!!! I know, I talked to Maggie one day I had the twins and CJ was waking up when they were going down. They nap from about 1-3 (sometimes longer) so I try to go out in the mornings and wear them out :) What about Ryann? I'm excited to hang out with you guys again!