Friday, June 17, 2011

House Hunters

House Hunters is one of my favorite shows and I am attempted to sign up for the show because we have officially started the search for our first house!!! We actually started about 2 weeks ago. Our lease isn’t up until November but my brother is a realtor so he has already set up a search for us that is updated daily with new houses in our price range and area we are looking at. We’ve already been approved for the price we were looking at and have gotten all the information on down payments, interests, etc.

We were lucky that they counted in Derek's commission checks and also accepted my Nanning job. They would like you to be working at the same place for 2 years but since my nanny job and Wichita job (family educator) are so similar, they excepted it. I am so relived that my nanny family was taking taxes out because we would have been screwed if I didn’t have a W2. Problem now…I don’t have a job! It makes no since to get a summer nanny job because the family more then likely wouldn’t take out taxes so it wouldn’t benefit us other then the money.  Derek called our financial guy yesterday and told him our situation and he said I needed to get my original nanny job back ASAP or have a good reason why I wasn’t working for them in the summer. We might have told a fib and told him the mom was a teacher Smile It seems as though this might work for a good reason as to why I’m not working.  Hopefully, the twins summer nanny gets this job she has a 2nd interview for and then I will get them back soon and we won’t have to go through writing a letter of excuse to the bank.

So there you have it. This is what we are up to nowadays. We both fell in love with a house today but need to wait another 2 months so we have a down payment and can hopefully just move in around October when our lease is almost up. We have our fingers crossed that this house will still be on the market! Out of 120 houses on our home search, we love 40 of them and 15 are possibilities. So either way, I don’t think we will have a problem finding a house. I’m loving this house shopping!

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