Friday, June 3, 2011

Career change

I’m sure all of you know that I quit my nanny job 2 weeks before the wedding. My year contract was  up with them and I decided I didn’t want to do the whole taking care of other peoples kids things anymore but would rather an office job.  Well I looked for a job a little before the wedding but basically put it off till after the wedding. I hit it hard when we got back from the honeymoon but I either never got the job (this was the case for 2 jobs), or they didn’t pay enough (majority of the jobs and the 1 job I got offered a position). Derek and I got to thinking and I realized the office lifestyle just wasn’t for me. I went to one interview and it was just 1 huge room with 300 cubicles. No thanks.


Plus, we hope to have a baby next year so it really doesn’t make since to work a year and then have a baby and probably not want to go back to work. Solution…open a daycare!

I have always wanted to open a daycare. My aunt used to have a daycare and every summer and spring break I would live at her house. I was a little worried at first because I don’t want a bunch of kids tearing up my house and I hate being stuck at home all day and there is no way I can go anywhere if I do a daycare (unless we buy a bigger car). Derek and I went over the pros and cons and I decided since we haven’t bought a house yet but will by the end of the year, we can just look for ones that will be good for a daycare. Finished basement, walk out basement, fenced yard, etc. That way, the kids stay downstairs and my house stays clean upstairs. Going to get lots of fun outdoor toys and invite the moms I met at my moms group (when I was a nanny for the twins) over all the time so I don’t lose my mind Smile

Next issue, finding a job until we buy a house (probably November). I’ve been looking for a nanny job and asked my boss (I work for TLC nanny service still) but she doesn’t have anything right now. I have been babysitting full time for the past 2 weeks but it’s a different family almost everyday and I am not a fan of that. The twins got a new nanny for the summer and were supposed to stay at a daycare center in August but their mom texted me this week saying she really didn’t want to start them yet. She knew I hadn’t found a job yet so starting in August (sooner if their nanny now gets a teaching job) I will nanny for them again and when I open my daycare, they will come there!! I am ssooo excited for what's to come and am already planning the layout of my daycare and what toys/equipment I need and want. I am going to become a licensed daycare and I want a max of 5 kids.  2 of them being the twins so I will have 3 opens spots to fill!


I want my daycare very clean and organized



This is the backyard of one of the houses we like. Can you say PERFECT for daycare


  1. You would be great Sarah! And so exciting that the twins will be a part of it. AND so exciting that you will be with them in August and we can hang out! :o)

  2. Ironically I was going to post about childcare myself. This sounds like the perfect solution for your situation. You will be a great provider! I wish you lived here and I would be all over trying to get my kiddos into your daycare. I am going back to school this fall (Vo-Tech nursing program) and need to figure out something for my boys. Do you know of any good local daycare providers? My problem is I really only need someone Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My mom is off Mon/Fri and could keep them then but most places won't do this since it takes up a spot in what they can take. Anyways, enough about my life just wanted to say I am happy for you and kudos to you for being able to handle caring for multiple young kids at once! Will is giving me a run for my money today!