Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Busy

These past 3 weekends have been very busy. Let me take you back to Memorial weekend/my birthday weekend.  Derek, mom, Aiden and me went to El Dorado Friday night. We hadn’t been there since November so it was a long overdue trip. Amber and Mike came down Friday and we spent the 3 day weekend playing outside, grilling, drinking, and playing the Xbox 360 Kinect that Derek got me for my birthday. He got me the Michael Jackson dance game with it and then Amber and Mike got me a multi sports game. We had ssoooo much fun with these games that weekend. Derek scored lots of points for that birthday present!
Pizza at 10 am
Filling up the pool in their PJ’s (it was 8am)!
Aiden decided to take off his pajamas and get in nude!
Derek had some alcohol in him
Fun corn hole game…and summer beers!
Our tunes for the weekend
Sisters and summer beers!
Intense game of Kinect…videos to come
Water baby. She went down that slide into the FREEZING cold pool 1,000 times that day
Someone thought it was HIS birthday
Oh yeah baby girl has enough hair for a bow!
Aiden is ssooo sweet with Harper
Watching Cars before bed
These trunks were way to big for the little fella
The next weekend Amy came up to KC to run a 5k with Amber. I know, I know, I’m the lazy sister that didn’t do it. Next time! I’m so proud of them both for completing it. We did a lot of grilling, swimming, eating, and hanging out that weekend too!
Dad’s girlfriends awesome pool. We will be going there LOTS this summer
Way to go sisters
Last weekend we went to Milford for the 4th annual Long Family Vacation. You can read about last years here. We got there late Friday night so just drank on the deck overlooking the lake with the family. Saturday I was up early and spent the morning playing outside with Pax because little miss Harper decided that when we all went to bed at 2am, she was ready to be up for the day. Amy and Josh were up till 6am with her so I let them sleep while I watched Pax.  Once they were up, Josh, Derek, and Pax headed out fishing with the rest of the family while Amy, Harper, and me went down to the “beach.” The lake is up 10ft so there wasn’t a beach this year but we didn’t mind. We grilled out that night, had s’mores, and drank with the family on the deck once again. Sunday we did a little fishing before heading back home. It might not be the most ideal vacation for most people but we have a great time and I hope we can keep doing this for many many years.
(I failed to take any pics so you get what I took on my phone till my sister uploads hers and I can steal them)
Poor girl wishing there was sand to play with
Elsie passed out under Amy’s coat
Yummy! (My flash was bright)
I don’t even remember why she was throwing this fit but it sure was funny
Tequila shots!!

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