Thursday, May 20, 2010

I caved in...

(All of our most recent pics either have one of my nephews or niece in them so this will have to do. This is my sweet nephew Aiden)
I didn't think I would do a blog until I was pregnant or had a baby because not much goes on in my life but I decided with wedding planning, summer activies, etc I would go ahead and start a blog. As most of you (who am I kidding, 2 people will probably read my blog...Amy and Amber) Derek and I will be getting married April 30, 2011 in Manhattan. I want this blog to be my way of remembering all the little things that went into planning our big day and the activities we do together. I am so excited to become husband and wife and to start a family together.
To get started, the details for the wedding are FINALLY starting to come along. At first, we were going to get married in KC but after having a hard time finding a venue and not wanting to spend a fortune on the venue itself, we decided Manhattan was looking better and better. I am from Manhattan so both sets of my grandparents still live there as well as my dad and sister Amber (until September anyway) so having it in Manhattan made sense. Plus, Manhattan is a lot closer to Dereks families then KC so that's a bonus. The only thing I was not looking forward to in Manhattan was having the reception at the same place EVERYONE has theirs (Houston Street or the Alumni center). After hearing that Colbert Hills has just opened up a Clubhouse, I knew that's where I wanted our reception. We would be one of the firsts and it is beautiful. So the reception venue is booked, DJ is booked (Complete Music), photographer is booked (Meysenburg Photography) and we are going to visit a lady that might do our cake this Saturday and also checking out a church on Sunday. 4 things down, 1 million to go...

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