Sunday, June 18, 2017

Baby three at 37 weeks

How far along: 37 weeks

 Size of baby: 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches
Feeling:  Ready! I feel like the last 5 weeks go by soooo slow.  Probably because I always think they could come at anytime, but they never do.  My heartburn has been out of control at night time.  I wake up at night about to puke from the acid.  Luckily Tums makes it go away almost immediately.  I'm sure the kids are ready for their mom to get her energy back. We're soaking in as much swimming as we can.

Gender: BOY!! We are so anxious to meet him and see what he looks like

Cravings:   Chocolate.  I drove by Krispy Kreme the other day and had to slam on my brakes and do a hard right turn into there. 

Best moment this week: Getting to see his sweet profile at 2 unexpected sonograms.  I went in for my regularly scheduled appointment on Tuesday and she didn't think he was head down so we went to take a peek.  Sure enough, he was laying diagonal.  She moved him a little then told me to keep nudging him in the right direction.  I went back in on Thursday to check his position and my fluid and he was head down! I have quite a bit of fluid that she wasn't concerned about but said it was making it easier for him to move around.  So let's hope he doesn't move around anymore in the next 2 weeks.  He was pretty crammed in there but he has big cheeks and a button nose. Can't wait to kiss them! Dilated to a 1 and induction date is set!
Movement: Lots of pushing his butt out and hiccups. 

Sleep: I think I'll get more sleep after he comes than I am right now.  Between heart burn, having to go to the bathroom, kids and just being wide awake, I am getting zero sleep.  Thankfully I've been getting a nap in the afternoon and fall asleep in about 3 seconds when my head hits the pillow.

Maternity clothes: Even those are getting too small 


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