Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kai at 1 month

I know it's cliché to say this, but holy cow, how has it already been a month?! Kai has been a dream baby and it's greatly appreciated after having a colicky baby (ahem Brooks).  

Stats: 10lbs 1oz (50%), 21 in (30%).  I'm still in shock that he came out weighing 8lbs 6oz so I shouldn't be all that surprised that he's already 10lbs! But seriously Kai, stop growing!! He's mostly outgrown his newborn clothes and the newborn diapers were gone long ago. 

Health: Our pediatrician was a little worried about the yellow she saw in his eyes so we ended up having to do another jaundice test.  We did one at 3 days old and they weren't concerned about his level so they didn't ask us to come back.  I've noticed it in his eyes too so we wanted to make sure it was just breast milk jaundice and not something with his liver. Results came back just a couple hours later so this mama didn't have to panic for too long.  It's still up a tiny bit but she wasn't worried, it's slowly getting out of his system.  I brought up him maybe having acid reflux but it doesn't seem to bother him too much so I think we'll wait it out a little before we jump to medicine. 

Eating: He nurses every 2-3 hours during the day and has taken a handful of bottles and drank 3oz.  Not too much to report in the eating department yet.

Sleeping: Still sleeping most of the day away.  He's awake for a little in the morning and then for quite a while during the evening. Unfortunately, that evening awake time is usually spent fussy and uncomfortable.  It get's real chaotic here at that time since we are trying to get dinner cooked and the other two in the bath and bed.  We just tag team him and the older two.  Derek's been gone 1 overnight this past month and my mom came to the rescue. The good thing about this fussy/awake time is that he in turn sleeps for quite awhile once we finally get him down.  I try to feed him around 9:30pm before I go to bed and he'll sleep till about 3am.  He starts stirring again about 6:30am, so I'm only having to wake once to feed him. No complaints here on that. He's our first baby to hate being swaddled.  I love looking over at him and seeing his arms up above his head when he's sleeping.  Due to the supposed acid reflux, he doesn't like to be laid down after he eats.  So even though I don't have to break a swaddle habit in the future, I have to break him of the rock n play.  Which could be worse.
 In true third child fashion, he went and saw his first movie this month (Despicable Me 3) and slept through the entire thing. Life doesn't stop when you have 2 other kids so he's been all over town but not out of town yet. 

Collins and Brooks adore him.  Collins' always wants to hold him and can often times get him to sleep when we can't! She's been a huge help with him and with Brooks.  "Where's Kai?" is said multiple times a day by Brooks. And he always needs to give him a kiss before he can take a nap or go to sleep. He asks to hold him occasionally but it's short lived and he pretty much just lets go of him when he's done holding him.
Kai Anders, we all simply adore you.  You are such a cuddle bug and we fight over who gets to hold you.  So far you have brown  hair like Collins and blue eyes like Brooks and I'm hoping they stay that way.  The perfect mixture of your siblings.  Either way, you are the cutest thing in the world and I love you so incredibly much. 
Thank you Tonya for making him this amazing blanket.  And can we talk about his smile in some of these? Obsessed.  He had smiled a couple times before but I think these were his first real social smiles. 

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