Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Day in our Life

Our daily routine seems pretty predictable, so I wanted to document it before we welcome baby #3 and we are all over the place again. Collins is 4, Brooks is 2.5 and I'm 30 weeks pregnant. This is a non preschool or sport day and Derek had a very laid back, work from home day. 

4:40am- I hear Brooks say something but then he's back asleep.  I need to pee but I've already been once in the night so I'm going to be lazy and hold it till morning.

6:27am- I hear Brooks again and pray he stays quiet till his clock turns green at 6:50.  He does even though neither one of us fall back asleep. 

6:50am- His clock turns green and I hear him open his door and loudly walk into our room.  He jumps into bed with us and cuddles for about 10 min till I can't hold my pee any longer.  Him and I head downstairs and Collins' and Derek come down about 10 minutes later.  We all need a little time to wake up so the kids watch Youtube on phones while me and Derek drink coffee. 

7:30am- I head upstairs to get cleaned up for MOPS.  I showered the night before so that saves me some time.  Derek feeds the kids breakfast; Collins has powdered donuts, strawberries and chocolate milk and Brooks has a couple bites of French toast, strawberries and yogurt milk. Derek also unloads the dishwasher.  They all come upstairs after they eat and Derek gets Brooks dressed and his teeth brushed.  I get Collins dressed (to match me. Yay!), teeth brushed and hair done.  I do Brooks hair and then they play/fight in their rooms till it's time to head out.

8:30am- We are out the door for MOPS.  It's not the most convenient MOPS for us but I started going 3 years ago and have met some great woman, so I'd hate to switch. 

9am-11:15am- MOPS!!! The kids go into their different classrooms and are excited to play with their friends and I enjoy two, wonderful hours without my kids; talking to other moms, eating an amazing breakfast, snuggling my niece, Lucy and listening to our speakers. We can't leave MOPS without the kids getting to see cousin "Wucy."

11:50am- We get home from MOPS and Derek isn't quite back with lunch. He called and said that he really wanted BBQ and offered to pick some up for the kids too.  I'm stuffed from MOPS so I tell him to get the kids a hot dog so I don't have to make lunch. The kids ride their bikes in the driveway until he gets home.

12:10pm- They all eat lunch and I sit at the table with them and we all talk about our morning.  Brooks doesn't eat much lunch and Derek mentions that he didn't eat hardly any breakfast either.  I pray he isn't getting sick.  He's pretty grumpy so I take him up and lay him down for nap.  Collins gets her piece of candy for eating most of her lunch.  I clean up lunch, load the dishwasher and then me and Collins lay on the couch for about an hour.  I've given up having her have quiet time in her room. 

1:45pm- I decide I should probably get her off  Youtube kids now.  We play candy land and a couple rounds of the matching game.  She starts playing with her babies so I work on a blog post for the Kansas City Moms Blog. I've been working with them to promote the new birthing center that I will be delivering at.

2:30pm- Brooks finally wakes up and is in a good mood.  I get them some cheez-its and water and we head outside to play in the driveway.  Brooks got a new bike the day before so he wants to go on a walk and ride it.  I'm hesitant that he can make it very far but he proves me wrong and they both ride their bikes to the park/basketball court.  They play a little at the park but mostly want to play red light green light on their bikes.  Derek is done with a conference call and meets us at the park. 

4pm- Derek needs a couple things from Wal-Mart so we all walk home and the kids start helping me make meatloaf before I ask Derek to take them to Wal-Mart with him.  I finish the meatloaf and get it in the oven and fold a couple loads of laundry before they get back.

5pm- The kids play with slime and then Collins wants us all to be her students while she's the teacher and reads to us.  I play for a little bit before I have to cook the green beans and scalloped potatoes. Brooks is soon annoying Collins and Collins uses the "I hate phrase" for the first time.  I think it was towards something Brooks did and not him but she gets time out and a "we don't talk like that" talk.  She very rarely gets in trouble so she's in tears and needs some hugs from daddy.

6pm- Dinner is on the table.  This isn't the kids' favorite meal but they do a decent job on the meatloaf and green beans.  I refuse to make them a separate meal so they either eat what we eat or don't eat.  Usually the candy bribe works and they eat what they need to so they can have their treat after dinner.  Me and Derek clean up dinner and since it's still nice out, we go on a walk.   Derek had gotten them suckers at Wal-Mart so Collins decides she'll ride in the double stroller and finish her sucker instead of riding her bike for our walk. 

7:15pm- We go on a pretty long walk and I'm exhausted.  The kids get about 10 minutes of phone time before going upstairs to get ready for bed.  I'm sure it seems like they get a lot of phone time but they chose youtube videos over watching TV.  It's my night putting Collins to bed so I get her in pajamas and teeth brushed while Derek does the same with Brooks.  We meet back in Collins room and they each pick a book for us to read.  We say our bedtime prayer together before splitting back up.  Bathroom breaks for both, sing twinkle twinkle little star, sound machines on and then into bed.

7:50pm- Silence!!! Quick clean up and then we  have our snickers Derek picked us up at Wal-Mart and relax while watching TV and being on our phones. 

9pm- We head up to bed and continue our TV/phone time.  I'm often asleep by 9:30-9:45 and Derek about 10pm. 

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