Thursday, April 13, 2017

Brooks at 2.5 years old

I feel like I could just copy and paste Collins' 2.5 year update here for his update.  So similar. 

It's not new news that our kids are little.  We were at the doctor a couple weeks ago and I'm pretty sure the scale said 26 pounds. Lots of people comment that he's grown a lot recently and since a stranger thought they were twins, I'd  say he's catching up to his sister in the height department. There aren't too many foods he turns down, so I don't know how he doesn't weigh more. Italian is his favorite, he can mow down lasagna crazy fast.  Strawberry Danimal yogurt drinks are the only milk he'll drink and he isn't much of a fan of cheese.  Complete opposite of his cheese obsessed mom and sister.  Some of his favorite foods include: mac and cheese, burgers, french fries, pears, muffins, watermelon and peas just to include a vegetable.

We think he's inherited his mom and dads allergies/asthma.  He's on a daily allergy pill and anytime he gets sick it usually ends up as bronchitis and requires some breathing treatments.  We'll get him tested when he's a little older to find out exactly what he's allergic too, my guess is just seasonal stuff and maybe animals because some breeds of dogs make his face break out.

He's potty trained!! We did the 3 day method mid February and even though he got really sick on day 2 (pink eye, ear infection, strep throat and bronchitis), we stuck with it but didn't push it too hard.  Even sick, he did awesome and only had about 8 accidents total that whole weekend.  We'd have to put a diaper on him to poop for the first couple weeks but thankfully he's learned it's not scary to do that on the potty.

He's such a lover boy.  "Mama! Hold me!" "Mama! Hug me!" are two phrases that are said many times a day.  I'm nervous for when he has to share me with the baby. He's loves his baby brother so much already and regularly hugs and kisses my belly.  He even stuffs his blanket up my shirt to share it with baby.  He gets devastated when Collins' forgets to give him a kiss before she goes to school. As sweet as he can be, he's a feisty one too.  We've had to work a lot on not pushing, hitting or stealing toys from others.  You just never know what your going to get with this boy. 

Just like Collins' at this age, bedtime is brutal.  They really know how to work that "go potty" phrase.  A few of his other stalling tactics are "driiiink" "socks on" "blankey by my ear," etc. We usually just have to turn off his monitor for awhile and ignore him. He naps for about 1.5 hours and sleeps from 8pm-6:45am. 

As far as sports, he starts soccer this weekend and he took gymnastics over the summer. He'd love to be in dance with sister but daddy isn't going to allow that one.  I'll give it to him, he's a pretty legit at soccer and baseball.  He refuses to hit off a tee and would rather us pitch to him.  Even though he colors with his right hand, he hits and throws with his left.  Other things that make him happy are playing outside, swimming, hide and seek, wrestling with dad, dancing, YouTube videos and other kids.  He's our social one and has no problem going up and playing with any kid. He can count to 10 pretty well.  It gets iffy around 6&7 but once you get him to 8, he can finish. 

Brooks, you are our little spitfire.  I have to take a lot of deep breaths throughout the day with you but then you make us laugh and show us so much love.  I hope that you always need my hugs and know that we love you so incredibly much.

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