Friday, February 6, 2015

5 on Friday

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1. You can thank me later for these recipes. Someone brought these cookies to the super bowl party we went and I could have ate them all. I hardly knew the people so I stopped after 2 but I made them Monday and they are long gone.  So easy and so good. We also had this soup this week and it's now filed under 1 of my favorite soups. I added ground sausage at the end because we like a little meat with our meals.

2.  Miss Collins has been acting like a baby recently. Literally. She'll lay on the floor and make us shake a toy in front of her like we do with Brooks. She makes us feed her an empty bottle and then burp her. She's feeling a bit jealous lately so we're doing our best to give her as much Collins and mommy or Collins and daddy time as we can. She's still obsessed with Brooks, just wanting extra attention. 

3.  I don't do as many learning activities as I should with Collins, but we did manage to get a fun one in this week.  She does great pointing at the right color and correctly put almost every heart candy on the paper heart.  I think her favorite part was eating them.  Those candies are so sick.  

4.  We've got a tooth.  Collins didn't get a tooth till she always almost 8 months so I was shocked to find one in Brooks' mouth.  Explains the buckets of drool.  He hasn't been his always happy self but not too cranky either.  Let the months and months of teething start again.  
And also...sitting!

5.  Derek starts a new job on Monday and we are so excited for this next chapter.  He won't be traveling much and it seems like a really great company.  Yay! I just gotta survive his week of training in Florida next week.  I'm slightly jealous that I don't get to go and that I have to keep the children alive by myself for 5 days.  Who can I convice to come stay with us? Any takers?

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  1. I have a new baby too and the teething part totally scares me when we get there! Hopefully you find a good remedy that works :)