Monday, January 5, 2015

Brooks at 4 months

This was written on December 21 when he turned 4 months but his appointment got pushed back till after the new year so I didn't have his stats.  Quite a bit has changed since I wrote this but I'll save it for his 5 month post. 

 (crappy pic because I can't get my camera to turn on. Rest of pics taken by aunt Amy)
Stats| 14 lbs 9oz (50%), 25in (50%).  He's an average fella all the way around. Still in a size 2 diaper and 3-6 month clothes. 
Eating| Like a newborn. Ok, not that much but he has definitely regressed in the sleeping and eating. Eating every 3 hours, night and day. 3-4oz when he takes a bottle.  

Sleeping| I had hoped it was just a growth spurt but about a month later, sleep is still sucking. On a good night he will go to bed about 7:30pm and do a 5 hour stretch which would be nice if I too went to bed at 7:30. Then it's every 2-3 hours. This is right when we sleep trained Collins because she did this exact thing.  I dread doing it but mama needs more then 3 hour stretches of sleep. We've also resorted to letting him sleep on his stomach. We're desperate for sleep and that seems to be his favorite. 

Play| something is always in his mouth whether it be a toy or his fingers. He really enjoys laying on the floor and watching sister. We got out the excersaucer and he'll stand in it for a little while before getting bored. He hasn't really figured out how to play with the toys on it so I'm sure he'll like it more once he figures that out. 

Health| We've been off the reflux medicine for almost a month now. The side effects of the medicine were worse then the reflux itself so I stopped giving it to him. He's struggling a little with #2 so I've had to help him out a couple times to get things going. We started him on a powder probiotic after I heard from Vanessa that it helped her little boy with gas and sleep.  I haven't noticed a huge difference yet but they say to give it a couple days. The cradle cap cleared up but we have to stay on top of his prescriptions or it flares back up. Both my kids have super sensitive skin and he has started to get eczema. Mostly on his back so we're gonna try a prescription to get it cleared up.   
Likes| chewing on his fingers or anything that comes near his mouth, laying in mommy and daddy's bed, bath time with Collins, standing up, watching sister run around, telling stories, laughing and kisses. If you get near his face, there's a good chance he'll try to give you an open mouth kiss. More like eat your face but we'll call it a kiss. 

Dislikes| me sneezing when I'm feeding him, solids and the car. Omg this kid and the car. He does fine in his car seat at restaurants but the second you click it in the car, he is ticked. He's recently had a strong opinion on how you rock him. He prefers you to stand until he's somewhat asleep and then you can sit. 
Despite your crappy sleeping, you are the best little guy to be around. You have the biggest smile and as long as your not tired or hungry, your pretty easy to please. Your mommy's baby boy and I could just eat you up I love you so. 

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