Sunday, September 28, 2014

22 Months

Well that month flew right on by.  This past month is a little foggy due to the newest member of our family.  You have taken on your new big sister role better then I could have ever imagined.  I had a feeling you would love him but you are always coming up and telling him hi, kissing his head and asking to hold him.  He's been a fussy baby but for the most part, you tolerate me having to hold and feed him most of the day.  Your always right beside me, usually rocking or feeding your baby doll.  There have been a handful of times that you've pointed to his seat and said "there" cause you want me to hold you instead of him.  Luckily daddy has been home most of these times and I've been able to give him the baby and hold you.  Other times your ok with me holding you and him at the same time. 

You've taken your love for your baby dolls to a new level.  Everything you see me do to Brooks, you do to your babies.  You say they stink and change their diaper (you insist on using real wipes and diapers), nurse them and swaddled them in blankets and put them in Brooks swing, car seat, play mat, anywhere he isn't.  You sleep with approximately 10 babies, a few stuffed animals and usually 2 books. I have to go in and move everything after you fall asleep. 
It's probably just because of the new baby but you seem a lot bigger this month.  You've been a bottomless pit so I wouldn't be completely surprised if your having a growth spurt.  I've started getting you some clothes for Fall and I'd say 18 month clothes will probably get your through Fall.  You can get by with 2t shirts but no way can your short legs fit in 2t pants.  Even 18 month ones can be long.  I've debated busting out your pants from last Winter because I'm thinking they'd still fit. Some size 5 shoes fit but mostly 6's.  I can't freaking wait to put you in some boots!

Your getting over either a cold, allergies or just a little sickness from teething but you've been sleeping like a rockstar.  About 8pm-8am and taking a 2 hour nap.  Now if I could just get brother on the same schedule, we'd really be set.  Your last 4 teeth have broke through so you should get a little break before the 2 year molars start coming in.
We're gonna give potty training a shot next weekend.  You go almost every time we put you on the toilet and are all about taking your pants off and on.  Not buying diapers for 2 would be great but we won't push it if you don't handle it well.  You adjust pretty well to new things (besides losing the pacifier) so I'm hoping we'll have minimal accidents and you'll be potty trained in no time.

You call daddy "dick" (Derek) most of the time and he doesn't appreciate it. I think it's hysterical. You really try and repeat words but usually they sound nothing like the real word. It amazes me that you can say 3 word sentences but can't repeat simple words. We'll keep trying and see what doctor says at your 2 year appt. I think your doing just fine though. 
You've probably spent too much time on my phone the past month while I've been feeding brother. You prefer YouTube videos over any of the apps I've downloaded. Videos of dogs and kid songs are requested 1000 times a day. Now if only we could get you to watch more then 5 min of TV. Yes, parents of the year for begging our child to watch TV. Everyone needs a little break sometimes. 

We love you baby girl and are so very proud of the way you've adjusted to our new family.  Your the best big sister and we love you so very very much. 

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