Monday, December 9, 2013

365: Days 317-343

Nov 13- staring at herself

Nov 14- story time with Kellan

Nov 15- burning some energy at the mall

Nov 16- giving Harper some love

Nov 17- the simplest things can keep her entertained 

Nov 18- rare sitting still moment 

Nov 19- bored 

Nov 20- pointing at the dog on TV

Nov 21- fun day for the birthday girl

Nov 22- bundled up to go to dinner

Nov 23- twinkle twinkle little star 1st birthday party 
Nov 24- just chilling and watching football 

Nov 25- party decorations still up 

Nov 26- adores her baby

Nov 27- looking like a baby

Nov 28- thanksgiving 

Nov 29- running from auntie 

Nov 30- plaza lights

Dec 1- shopping break with Aiden

Dec 2- insisting on using a fork

Dec 3- it was bound to happen

Dec 4- this needed to go in storage 5 months ago but she has a new found love for it 

Dec 5- lovin snoopy

Dec 6- watching the fishes at Bass Pro

Dec 7- "get me off this creepy guys lap!!"

 Dec 8- morning snuggles with Pax and Aiden

Dec 9- stinker

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