Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1st birthday party

*Our laptop is being a real piece so I had to take screen shots of pictures and post this on my phone.  My sister took great pictures so I'll have to redo the pictures when we figure out our computer. I wanted to get this posted though*

I changed my mind no less then 10 times on the theme and colors for Collins' first birthday party.  I stumbled upon a black and gold twinkle twinkle little star party and knew that's what I wanted to do. Sans black. No girl party is complete without pink and I had her dress already bought so I wanted to tie in some mint so she matched her decor.  Priorities people, priorities. Mint colored things are impossible to find so we had to settle on turquoise on most things. 

Ashley was kind enough to create her invite for me. Thanks girl!

The food table 
 Cupcakes, star shaped sugar cookies and party favors on this table. Some snacky foods where on the counter as well as pink lemonade, water and beer. Gotta have beer at a birthday party. 

Other decorations

 Auntie Amber made the Collins board. Thanks a ton sis! And no, I didn't attempt those darn tissue poms again. Their from her baby shower.  The twinkle twinkle little star sign and garland are from etsy and I cut out all the stars you see around the house with my bare hands. They ached, big time. The C and chevron frame are from her gallery wall in her room. 

Memo and papa got her the chair for her birthday but we let her unwrap it early so she could open presents in it. 

I scored the high chair for a whopping $10 at a garage sale and painted it. Loved how it turned out. 

 And she dug right into the cake after attempting to blow out her candle.

attempted star shaped, edible wands for party favors but they weren't working for me. I ended up with star shaped rice krispy treats and chocolate dipped pretzels with edible gold star sprinkles. All the girls had gold crowns to match the birthday girls crown as well. Wish I would have got a pic of them all wearing them. Even her aunties wore one :) 

 And if you didn't notice, the guest of honor sported 2 different outfits. The dress was for the party and the onesie and skirt was for the rest of the day. Onesie, headband and crown all came from etsy. 

We had a chili feast for family after the party. Chili, baked potatoes, hot dogs, Fritos and crackers. Everything needed to compliment chili. 
Followed by cupcake pajamas and bed for an exhausted birthday girl. 

 Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate our little girl. We couldn't have made it through the year without all your love and support. 

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