Thursday, August 22, 2013

365: Days 206-234

My baby turned 9 months yesterday but I am slacking on writing the post so here's a photo dump instead

July 25- Our attempt at a head wrap. I think we'll stick to bows.

July 26- Playing in her bed

July 27- Poolside snack

July 28- Not wanting Harper to go home

July 29- First time at Monkey Bizness

June 30- So much fun being pulled by Braxton

 July 31- Park day with my friends

Aug 1- She can't get her own feet to her mouth so she'll just chew on her baby doll's

 Aug 2-Making a mess while mommy gets ready

Aug 3-Teasing the dogs with their ball

Aug 4-Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Where she had hash browns for the first time

Aug 5- Wresting with Aiden

 Aug 6- Starting to stand for a long period of time

 Aug 7- Happy mail day

Aug 8- Watching TV and chewing on my finger

Aug 9- Just being cute

Aug 10- Egg yolk for the first time. Despite what it looks like, she didn't like them.

Aug 11- Pic fail

Aug 12-Pretty baby at the park

Aug 13- Just woke up at 8am. Wish we were all lucky enough to sleep that late after being up for 2hrs in the middle of the night!

Aug 14- Zoo day

Aug 15- That outta be enough pacifiers for the night

Aug 16- Ready for her first Chiefs game

Aug 17- Sitting on the window sill watching daddy mow

 August 18- No afternoon nap Nancy

 Aug 19- Ready to go grocery shopping

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