Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A nurse from our pediatrician's office called on Thursday and said that Collins' blood test came back good. No anemia and more importantly, no dairy allergy!!! So now we wait until our April 2 GI appointment to see if there is anything going on inside that's causing the bloody stools and discomfort she occasionally gets.
Thursday was Valentine's day and my mom had just so happened to bring over Collins v-day present that morning and left cupcakes for Derek. You better believe I devoured one of those babies after the phone call. I am SO happy I didn't give up breast feeding when we were first told it was probably a dairy allergy. I'm a little annoyed that they didn't do the allergy testing the first time they drew her blood but our pediatrician said you can get false results when you test a child this young. So eliminating dairy from my diet was the best way to see if it helped her symptoms and when it didn't, we went through with the allergy testing.
Thanks for all your prayers and support. She hasn't had any reactions to me eating dairy again and I am one happy momma to have cheese and chocolate back in my life.

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