Tuesday, February 19, 2013

365: Days 38-49

Feb 7- This girl can throw a fit. She will stretch her legs out and almost flip herself out of this chair. Time to buckle her in!
Feb 9-  Chubber wubber
Feb 9- Auntie Amber toting her around the mall
Feb 10- Meeting Joanie and Greg for the first time. She was so excited she passed out on Joanie
Feb 11- Go cats!!
Feb 12- Liking tummy time a little more
 Feb 13- Forgiving me for making her have an anal check and blood draw the night before
Feb 14- 1st Valentine's Day
Meeting her best friend, Elsie!
Feb 15-  Getting ready to put her fist in her mouth
Feb 16- Waiting for family to arrive
Feb 17- Chillin on mommy

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