Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 Months

No doctors appointment this month so not sure what her length is. I think this is what she weighed when we took her in last week for her allergy testing.
At 2 months she has found her hands and likes sucking on them. She can reach for toys and holds them pretty well. Everything goes straight to her mouth. Is so cute when she coos and laughs.  She tucked her arm yesterday when she was on her tummy and I thought she might roll over but nope. She just likes to lay on her back and kick her feet. No desire to roll over. We're working on it. She has slept through the night twice and I think she would consistently if she didn't always get constipated in the middle of the night. She'll kick her feet and move around but she doesn't ever fully wake up. We are going to attempt having her sleep in her crib tonight because she keeps kicking her changing table above where she sleeps in the pack n play and it wakes me up numerous times a night. Sleeps swaddled and I am scared she is going to be 2 years old and still swaddled. I tried not swaddling her one night and she just can't get relaxed when her arms are out. Tested negative for a dairy allergy. Eats every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 oz if we give her a bottle. She sees a GI specialist the beginning of April to make sure everything on the inside is working properly. She loves TV and I am guilty of letting her watch it.
She is constantly growing and changing everyday and it makes me very sad. She has the most kissable cheeks and laid back personality. As long as she is fed and not tired, she is a pretty chill baby. Her face lights up when she sees mommy or daddy and she has us wrapped around her little finger. Happy 3 months chubber. I am thankful everyday for you and love you so very much.

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