Thursday, February 23, 2012

Randy Rogers Baby!!

As promised, here are pictures from the RR concert a few weeks ago.

We saw them in concert for the first time in 2007 at a small bar in Aggieville. We officially became groupies after that concert and continued to go see them in concert whenever possible.


2007 in Manhattan


2009 in Wichita. Pretty sure we saw them in 2008 but can’t find a pic


2011 in KC. Got our pic with 2 guys from the band and their camera man!

We wanted to go to their concert for my bachelorette party but they played during the week and now that we are big kids with jobs, we can’t party during the week. So when my sister saw they were coming to KC in January  we jumped at the opportunity and decided to make it a girls night/birthday celebration for Amber and Cortney!

Pre drinking at my place (don’t worry, that little clock is not staying on that wall)


Limo ride to concert.


At the concert


Sorry Amy. Too funny not to share. Amy and her own dance party


Us sisters with our soon to be sister in law!!



Good old ramon noodles on the way home.



#1 RR fans! Love you girls!!

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  1. Ramon noodles? Ha!!! Ramen dude. Yes and thank you for posting that picture, I look like a bird, like a devil bird. Why didn't someone tell me to stop? Good times, good times.