Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eventful weekends

I'm a little behind on non wedding blog posts. I'll start with 2 weekends ago...

My sister Amy and the kiddos came to town that Friday. She isn't working much anymore so she got to town early enough that I met her over at Amber's so the twins could play with Harper (she's only 2 months older then them) and Paxton. When we all got off work that night we headed out for pizza and then hung out at Amber's.

Saturday morning I woke up early, got ready and headed back over to Amber's where Amy and the kids had stayed. Amber had to work that morning so Amy, my mom, the kids (keep in mind there are 3 under 3) and myself loaded them all up and headed to Union Station to see all the trains. Besides the few times the boys would run off from us, they all did pretty good. Harper loved being able to run around with the older boys.

By the time we finished there, it was well after noon. We should have just went through drive thru because it was past the kid's lunch time but we were feeling brave and went to Crown Center to continue our "Train Day" and eat at Fritz's. Note to self-when it's already past lunch time and there is a line to get into the restaurant, DON'T stay! We already had the boys excited that trains were going to bring them their food so we couldn't leave. We waited in line for about 30 min before finally sitting down. Long story short-all 3 kids cried/whined while we were there and everyone was staring at us. I wanted to curl up in a ball underneath the table. The 3 of them are usually really good at restaurants so this was the first time I had seen them all act this way. We scarfed down food (that wasn't even good) and darted home! All 3 were asleep by the time we left the parking garage.

Amber's birthday was Sunday so her and Mike went to the K-State/KU game Saturday night in Lawrence. Mom, Amy, the kiddos, and myself ate a bunch of crap for dinner and played with the kiddos that night. We were all in bed early that night after the days eventful activities and Amy was waking up early to run a 5K! I went back over early Sunday because I knew Amber was in charge of all the kids while Amy was at the race and I had a feeling she would be tired and hungover from Saturdays events. Unlike Amy and myself, she can really pull herself together after a night of drinking. She got home at 2, Aiden was up at 4:30, and Paxton and Harper were up at 6:45. I got there at 9 and she was sipping her coffee and had everything under control. Way to go Amber! Amy did AWESOME in her race and we all met for Mexican after her race and before they headed home.

This last weekend...

Derek and I had a low key Friday night at home. I think we made dinner, watched a movie and were in bed at 10 (yep we're cool like that).

Saturday I ran some errands to look at stuff for centerpieces and then we went to the Boulevard Wheat Brewery tour with Amber, Mike, my cousin Kayla, and her husband Judson. It was an ok tour but not as good as Anheuser-Busch's. We had some free beer at the end of it and then went to a sports bar for some more beers and appetizers. Amber and Mike had plans that night with Mike's family so Kayla and Judson came over to our house and the 4 of us drank, watched basketball, and tried to keep their shih tzu Delilah and our shih tzu Zoe from eating one another. They are both alpha females so they don't get along at all! We tried going bowling that night but it was an hour wait so we passed and came back home.

Sunday the 6 of us plus my mom went over to Amber's for the Superbowl. We had so much amazing food. I could have cared less about the game, I just went for the food! Overall, we had a fantastic, super unhealthy weekend. I love having so much of my family live in the same town and I love that Amy is only a 2 hour drive away. Now for pictures of the past 2 weekends....

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