Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 on Friday: indoor activities

Is it just me or does Winter seem extra long this year? It doesn't help that we just got 10 inches of snow and the temperatures have been less then ideal. So what to do when you stuck inside with a 1 year old for countless days? Here are some of our favorite things. I can't take any credit for these, I got them all off Pinterest. 

1.  Mess free painting. Put some paint in a ziplock bag and tape it to the window. Let you little one use their fingers or a paint brush to make things. 

2.  Indoor water play. Just fill up a bowl with warm water and let them have at it. We added some soap for bubbles. 

3.  Sensory box. Ours has beans but I have seen countless ideas on Pinterest. She loves stirring them with a spoon and putting them in a cup and then dumping it out.

4. Pushing lids into a container. Cut a hole in a butter, sour cream, puffs, etc container and let your little one push things through the whole. We use the lids from squeeze pouches. 

5. Paper towel shoot:  tape an empty paper towel roll onto the wall and let your little one drop things down it. 

And here is where I got all these ideas:


  1. how old is your little girl? i have seen some of these ideas, but i thought my 15 month old was too young. hmmm? my farmer is on a ski trip so we've been a little bored around here. not to mention the foot of snow we just received. i may have to try a few of these!! thank you. seriously…thank you. showing some linkup love. new reader! yay! karli -

  2. Thanks for stopping by! She is 14 months so I think your little one will love these. Just be careful with the bean box!