Saturday, January 11, 2014

365: Days 344-365

Phew! I successfully finished this project. Not that it was hard to take her pic but organizing the pics into a blog post was a little challenging. Did I do all 365 days? No, but pretty darn close. Here are the last few days of December.  

Dec 10: her hair is finally getting thicker

Dec 11: reading books 

Dec 12: Slightly warmer out so quick bike ride 

Dec 13: rather play with the crayons then color

Dec 14: ready to shop!

Dec 15: cute smile 

Dec 16: scrub a dub

Dec 17: guessing she is going to have curly hair

Dec 18: pure torture

Dec 19: warm weather!

Dec 20: matching best friends 

Dec 21: bath with Harper

 Dec 22: lovin big time on Pax
Dec 23: trolley light tour

Dec 24: pretty on Christmas Eve 

Dec 25: Christmas baby

Dec 26: fail

Dec 27: fail 

Dec 28: kstate bowl game

Dec 29: bedtime milk

Dec 30: way too cute

Dec 31: bringing in the new year the right way (5 hours early)

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